Dog Vacay – A Place Your Dog Can Call Home When You are Away
19 June, 2013
I know that so many dog owners love to get away on a vacation or a business trip and can’t take their beloved pups with them.  Then, of course, there is the guilt about leaving your dogs at a kennel or boarding facility and you just don’t feel entirely comfortable doing so.  Well, Dog Vacay is the answer to just this situation.


Dog Vacay has a great concept and service (with a fun, adorable and elaborate website).  You can board your dogs in a home with real dog lovers/owners who will place your dog in an actual home. They have thousands of vetted and insured dog lovers across the country ready to watch your dog like a member of their own family. All you need to do is browse some of the doggy hosts in your area, see which one you like, schedule your trip and book online.  Easy enough!

Check out this great video to see how Dog Vacay works:

1.  Find the Perfect Host For Your Dog

You have the ability to search hundreds of pet sitters near you and read the host reviews to find    the best home for your dog.  Find the one you connect with and feel comfortable to take care of your pup.

2.  Schedule, Book and Pay Online

Create a free account, make a reservation and pay online.  If you have a question, you can schedule a meet-n-greet or send one of the qualified hosts a message.  This way you get a feel of who will be taking care of your pup.

3. Travel with Peace of Mind

Once you choose your dog’s home, you can leave your pup in a cage free home and get photo updates of his Vacay!  Think summer camp for your pups!   You can also feel at ease knowing you have emergency coverage and support for your pup.

Why should you place your beloved pup with the Dog Vacay Team?

1.  Experienced and Qualified Hosts

All of their hosts are hand approved to ensure quality and safety for your dogs.  They make it easy to browse hundreds of qualified hosts in your area ranging from professional pet sitters to retired veterinarians to experienced dog lovers.

2. Complimentary Dog Boarding Insurance

All bookings made on include complimentary insurance and many hosts have Premium Insurance. Through their partnership with VCA-Antech, the largest veterinary group in the country, they offer emergency support. In the rare event that something goes wrong, they’ve got you covered. No need to worry when you are away.

3.  Affordable Pet Sitting Rates

Their rates start at $15 a night. Vacations can get expensive, but quality dog boarding doesn’t have to be.

4.  Photo Updates

All hosts are required to send photos of their guest dogs to their parents. Enjoy pictures of your pup making new friends and enjoying a vacation of his own.  Let’s just hope your pup wants to come home after his stay with dog vacay!

5.  Amazing Customer Service

They provide great customer service.   When I called with a ton of questions, they answered everything I could ever dream of asking.  They can also help you with last minute cancellations or any special requests like dog walking, doggy daycare and more.

There are so many reasons to feel great about your leaving your pup with the dog lovers at Dog Vacay. So, the next time you book a trip, make sure that your pup gets a great vacation too.  That’s only fair!

Take a look at and you can see why this is a place your pup will call home!

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