Dogs Are Great For Your Physical Health
5 December, 2011

As much as I love my cat, Sammy, he isn’t the best when it comes to working out.    However, if you own a dog, he can become not only your best friend, but your workout partner as well.

Dogs are always up for a jog, a walk, and/or a car ride. If you’re looking to burn a few calories but don’t always feel motivated to do it at the gym (or alone), take your dog with you on an outdoor activity! You and your dog will get a great workout and be rested for the evening.

Below are different workouts that you and your dog can benefit from:


Most dogs love to run.  You can go for a two to three mile run if you and your dog have the stamina and strength.  If your dog starts to lag, it probably means that it is time to turn around and head home. Also keep in mind that some breeds can run longer distance than others. Make sure you aren’t pushing yourself or your dog too far.

You can also take your dog on a hike.  This is a great workout for both of you and will stretch out your leg and hip muscles.   You can walk or run and both benefit from the change of scenery.


If your dog likes to swim, there are plenty of lakes and beaches where you can both jump in, do a few laps, and play some games together.  The good news is that it is low impact on your body, works all the muscles, and can cool you off on a warm day. If it’s too cold to swim outside, some doggy day care places will allow you and your dog to swim together in a pool all year round.

Let’s go swimming!!


Get your dog up and running by throwing a ball or Frisbee around with him. Simply throw the ball, jog or run around to a new spot so your dog and you are always moving. Toss the ball again and move to another spot. Do this for a few rounds and you will find that your dog and you are doing interval workouts.   It’s a great way to do sprints and have fun.


If your dog is good about playing games of tug and likes to wrestle with you, play a few rounds of tug of war, and a little bit of wrestling and nudging each other around. Big dogs like to run up and bump when playing and feel free to bump them back!  If you have a big rope, play a little fetch and a little tug. Make sure to keep the activity fun and not let it escalate so your dog doesn’t get too rough. If your dog gets way too excited for a game like this, then don’t do it. Also, make sure your dog knows that this game is something you two do and not something he can do with everyone.  Tread lightly with this one, but it should work well.

Of course, another benefit of having a dog is that you inherently have to let them out daily.  It gets you up earlier, and as long as you are outdoors, why not get a great workout out of the experience?

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