Dogs Can Have Food Allergies Too!
17 January, 2012

There are many reasons why your dog could be scratching himself.  The number one reason is that he or she might have a case of fleas.   Once you rule out that fleas are not the issue, there are other possibilities that you might never have considered.  Your dog could have some kind of food allergy!

If your dog is scratching and biting all the time, there’s obviously something wrong. Contrary to what some dog owners think, it really is not normal for dogs to scratch constantly. Just like with humans, excessive itching is an indication that there is something the matter.


What is excessive? Let’s just say that if it is enough to be getting on your nerves, then it’s too much. And if it’s getting on your nerves, imagine how your poor dog feels!

Constant itching is not just annoying for you and your dog; if you don’t do something about it, it could seriously affect your dog’s health. Chronic scratching and biting at the skin can lead to all sorts of problems over time – from infections to hearing loss.

I think I have a food allergy!


There are many reasons why your dog might be excessively itchy. One of the most common (and most overlooked) is dog food allergies.

As you know, when your dog suffers from any type of food allergy it makes sense to change your dog’s diet to exclude the allergic food. Obviously, that is easier said than done because your dog can be allergic to a whole food item or just a part of that food item (a particular element of that food item such as a preservative or even an enzyme).


Unless you are able to determine exactly what food is causing the allergy (and that would be hard to do, unless you can trace the development of the allergies to a change in food), switching to a high-quality hypoallergenic dog food is a good move.

Your dog might be allergic to any of the ingredients in the normal packaged dog food or any of the major ingredients, preservatives, colorings, flavorings, or any of the multitudes of chemicals (even natural chemicals) that go into the preparation of the dog food.  Therefore, you should try giving your pet a diet prepared to exclude allergy-causing foods and chemicals.  This could be the answer to the itching issue.

Once you have attempted to try the hypoallergenic food, you can determine if your food is causing the excess scratching.  If, after all, he continues to scratch, then it will be time to go to the Veterinarian to determine why your dog is scratching. Hope the above tips help with your scratching dog and that he or she is on the mend. 

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