Dogs Digging In Your Backyard
12 September, 2011

My Mom’s dog, a puppy, started digging up her lawn. This had never happened with her other dogs so I wanted to find out why only some dogs naturally dig and/or how to prevent.

There are many reasons why dogs dig whether it is a natural behavior, a stress reliever or an attempt to find a cool place to lie down. They can destroy gardens and plants. There are many commercial and organic methods on the market to stop dogs from digging around garden shrubs and flowers, with many being highly effective on the most stubborn dog diggers.

Below are a few other ideas that you can try to help prevent your dog from digging .


One way to prevent your dog from digging is to use garden barriers that keep dogs from having the opportunity to dig. Chicken wire underneath mulched areas and plastic tree skirts at the base of shrubs can stop dogs from becoming interested in the cool earth or rooting systems that lay beneath the ground. Placing small fences around shrubs and trees can also keep dogs from gaining access to digging spots close to the shrub trunk.


If there happens to be a spot in your yard that is OK for your dog to dig, this is ideal. If you just use the above barriers and then put a dog treat or some other temptation near a spot on the soil that you don’t mind being dug. Raised empty flower beds can be one spot for dogs to dig and play and also reduces the need for habitual diggers to search out new places to release stress and get out of the heat. You could also try filling a child-sized plastic pool with a layer of dirt and place it in the shade. This could be a nice alternative in the summer and would keep the dogs cool and you happy.


The final deterrent would be to use commercial animal deterrents such as pellets or sprays near shrubs and garden beds to stop your dog and potentially other wild animals from digging and hiding near shrubs. By preventing small animals, such as squirrels, from burrowing in shrub gardens also prevents dogs from digging to find them. There are also the common methods such as motion-activated alarms or sprinkler systems also work. The dogs go to dig and well, they get sprayed!

I hope these tips help your dog from digging up your backyard. So far, it has helped my Mom!

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