Dogs Are Parachuting From the Sky to Help Save Wildlife!
21 October, 2016

In Johannesburg, Africa, dogs are literally parachuting from the sky to help catch poachers that are hurting their wildlife.  This is Africa’s first sky-diving anti-poaching campaign and is an effort to preserve wildlife with the help of well, flying dogs!  We knew dogs were amazing, but this takes it to the next level!

Arrow and Giant are two of the dare-devil dogs that among the 200 enrollees

Arrow and Giant are among 200 enrollees in the Anti-Poaching and Canine Training Academy, run by Paramount Group, a defense contractor based in Johannesburg, South Africa. The academy’s canines, which are bred at the facility, are trained and often matched with rangers from national parks and game reserves across Africa.  This is the first anti-poaching campaign in Johanessburg.

Wildlife crime is a huge issue in Africa and the dogs are helping to get poachers

When it comes to tackling wildlife crime, authorities need all the help they can get. Many African parks are huge—South Africa’s Kruger National Park encompasses 7,500 square miles, roughly the area of Israel. Rarely are there enough rangers to patrol them, so it’s easy for poachers to operate without punishment. Every day some 100 elephants are killed for their ivory and last year more than a thousand rhinos were gunned down for their horns.  Horrible and a travesty!

Parachuting helps the dogs engage quietly and then go after the poachers.

Apparently, parachuting, rather than rappelling which requires a helicopter to be stationary and low to the ground—would make these operations more covert.  The parachute helps engage them quietly.

The two dogs will remain at the training facility to demonstrate their skills and because they’re so good at what they do, they’re helping train new handlers and instructors.  The plan is to teach skydiving skills to some of the other dogs in the program.  How amazing is that!

The dogs seem to enjoy the task as their tails are wagging as the work!

The skydiving seems to give Arrow and Giant an adrenaline-inducing thrill and the roar of a helicopter is enough to get their tails wagging.  The dogs are apparently exceptionally comfortable with skydiving and they know they have a mission.   And of course, the two are rewarded for a good job done with a serious a game of fetch!


See the full story – from National Geographic

Photo credit:   Nico De Klerk

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