Donald Trump Chew Toys For Dogs Are Flying Off Shelves!
19 July, 2016

Is the Presidential Election turning to the Dogs?  Apparently, it is, according to the latest trend in pet shops.   In fact, the presidential candidates in the form of chew toys are becoming hot ticket items.  The Donald Trump Chew Toys, the biggest seller to date, was sold out in one small pet store in Vermont and is flying off the shelves! Is it because we love the Donald or do we want to throw him to the dogs?

Even Bernie Sanders is still in the mix in popularity if chew toys

The Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders, and Donald Trump chew toys show Clinton wearing a button that says, “Pro-Whatever” and with a switch on her back labeled, “Smile: On/Off.” Under her right foot, a shattered Blackberry. Sanders is featured with a “Bern the 1%” button and a button on his back reading: “Push to activate the revolution.” The toys come in 8″ for cats, and 17″ for dogs.

If you are looking to buy the Donald Trump toy for your pet, you may be out of luck: The Trump dolls keeping selling out.  The Trump toy—which is currently 56% of the toy’s sales—far outweighs the sales of the Clinton and Sanders toys, which are at 36%, and 8%, respectively.

Why has the Donald chew toys outsold the other Presidential candidates?

Why are the Trump chew toys’ sales so high? Some buyers admire the character, others want to see, well, Donald Trump chewed on and tossed around vigorously.  To be fair, cats can rip him up too!

The Donald toys are durable and flexible for better grabbing and throwing!

Donald is stylish with his golden tan, quaffed plush hair, and flashy garb. His well-heeled foot will inevitably end up in your dog’s mouth.  The Donald toys come with floppy arms and legs that dogs will shake senseless. They are durable with triple-stitching where the arms and legs are attached to the body.

A squeaker is included in the body of the toy. Non-toxic and durable printed cotton/poly canvas with accents of plush. Toy is 17″

You can find the Donald on and even the Barkshop has come up with their own version (the Dognald!) that might just be delivered to your home in a Bark Box.  Or, of course you can buy one separately.

But, apparently not everyone is sold out of the Donald.  The Hillary Chew Toys are now out of stock on Fuzzo Toys so maybe some pet parents are also throwing Hillary to the dogs?  Or do they admire her character?

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