Easing Paw Animal Therapy – A Wonderful Form of Pet Care
10 October, 2012
If your pet is in need of care, I would encourage pet owners to try this wonderful form of pet care.

Annette Ramseyer of Easing Paw, Pet Therapy performs all of these different styles of animal therapy.  She studied and learned from the best:  

Pet Massage (Pet Massage, LTD. Jonathan Rudinger)
Healing Touch for Animals® (HTA) (Carol Komitor, Founder of HTA)
Reiki (Elisabeth Ridgeway, Reiki master)
Tellington TTouch (TTouch)
Acupressure (Tallgrass Animal Acupressure Institute)  

Easing Paw focuses on non-invasive, non-medicated, restorative therapy. I work with dogs, cats, horses, rabbits and other large and small animals.    

Pet Massage: Massage is more than a rub. It is focused, careful, and precise touching. Whether the massage is for your dog, cat, horse or other animal, it eases lower back pain, arthritic hips, hip dysplasia, and enhances emotional bonding and trust. The many benefits of animal massage therapy include easing boarding time and helping to relieve the stress of animals caused by anxiety and depression, seen especially in rescue animals. Animal massage therapy can help relax the tight and tense muscles in the body of your pet or animal.  


Reiki: Reiki is a Japanese technique for stress reduction and relaxation to promote healing. In Tin energetic healing, the practitioner sets an intention to facilitate the healing process of the animals and allows Reiki to flow in the amount that’s needed for the problem of the animal. This type of energy healing is ideal for use with animals because, with Reiki, the animal controls the treatment, accepting Reiki in the ways that are most comfortable, either hands-on or from a distance, or a combination of the two. Reiki is not Healing Touch for Animals.  

Tellington TTouch: Tellington TTouch works with pressure points of the body. It is a hands-on technique. Tellington TTouch is a method based on circular movements of the fingers and hands all over the body. The TTouch is done on the entire body, and each circular TTouch is complete within itself. The skin of the animal in moved in a clockwise direction. Pressure is adjusted for different animals and different parts of the body, depending upon what is comfortable and nonthreatening to the animal.  

Healing Touch for Animals: Healing Touch for animals® (HTA) is a holistic energy therapy that benefits and recovers health and healing. HTA practitioners do hands-on work to balance the energy system within and surrounding the body. The goal of HTA is to restore harmony, energy, and balance within animal energy systems to support the self-healing process of the animal. Pain and anxiety are drastically reduced by the use of HTA.  

Acupressure:  Acupressure (finger pressure), like acupuncture (uses needles) is based on Traditional Chinese Medicine. The so called meridians, channels, in which the Chi (life-force energy) and blood of the animal body circulate, run on the surface of the body and are connected with tissues and internally with the organs, moving the energy, balancing the Chi, which is transporting strength, nourishment, and healing properties, relieving or preventing blockages and excesses that can cause discomfort, pain, and disease.

  • Benefits: Relaxes sore, stiff muscles, relieving pain in older animals
  • Increases flexibility and range of motion
  • Reduces the risk of injury in high-energy animals
  • Improves performance in high-energy animals
  • Enhances the immune system
  • Increase oxygenation into muscles and tissues
  • Increase elasticity of muscles for high-energy animals in agility contests
  • Increase range of motion, flexibility, and stride length especially in old dogs
  • Increase performance level at shows and events and reduce recovery time
  • Release stress and tension

You can get in touch with Annette for more information about this wonderful form of treatment at : www.easingpaw.com.

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