Eco-friendly Ideas for You and Your Pets
10 November, 2015

As humans and pet parents, we all try in our own way to do what we can to become ecofriendly and resourceful with ourselves and in turn, our pets and our environment. There are plenty of things you can do as a pet owner to become eco-friendly and resourceful in almost everything we do or use for our pets. Below are some ideas that can help you, your pets and our planet.

First and foremost, neuter or spay your pet

Every year millions of cats and dogs are euthanized around the world. This is the devastating reality, but it’s also avoidable. Having your pets spayed or neutered not only curbs its aggressiveness once it reaches maturity, it is the best way to avoid sending an unwanted puppy or kitten to the local shelter, many of which are never adopted.

Try recycled toys and recycling your existing toys

There are now many toys and bedding made from recycled materials or sustainable fibers to help lessen your pets’ paw print. Get creative and make toys out of old socks and rope and beds out of old blankets and towels or even bags! This helps avoid harming the environment and can help protect your dog or cats from dangerous chemicals in plastic chew toys and bedding.

When your cat or dog seems to grow disinterested in a toy, put it away for a few weeks. Your dog or cat will forget about it, but when you surprise your furry friends with them later, it will be like having a new toy again. You can even start a rotation, putting away a few toys every couple of weeks, and cycling them in with regularity. You get to spoil your pet without spoiling the planet!

Donate Paper Newspapers

For sanitary reasons, animal rescues and wildlife rehabilitation centers use discarded newspapers to line their cages. This is both cheap and efficient. Contact your local shelter or rehabilitation centers in your area in need of old newspapers. Old newspapers are a great way to keep the cages and pick up the poop.

Scooping your pet’s poop

Try use biodegradable bags to collect your dog’s waste. Ordinary plastic bags can take decades to decompose in landfills. And if you have a kitty, avoid clumping clay litter for cats. Not only is the clay strip-mined (which is bad for our planet), there are usually several chemicals added to this type of litter which can be harmful for the cat and the environment. There are several environmentally friendly alternatives such as litter made of plant sources or recycled newspaper or feline pine (and they smell great too)!

Feed a natural or organic pet food for health and well-being.

Natural or organic food for our pets (similar to those for humans) provide nutrients which are minimally processed and preserved with natural substances. They don’t have artificial colors or other harmful additives. Organic pet foods also avoid the use of pesticides, hormones, antibiotics, or genetically engineered ingredients.

Buy local and make some home- made treats for your pups

If you buy fruits and vegetables at your local farmers market, it not only helps support your local economy but you will also cut down on the amount of fossil fuel required to ship your pet’s food. Besides, your pet will love this tasty addition of green to his life. Try making some homemade treats for your pups – they will love them too.

Adopt a Pet

There are so many reasons to adopt a pet. With overpopulation and millions of pets being euthanized each year, you can save a life and bring a fun, furry member home. Why is this eco-friendly? Because you are bringing home a pet that exits and not one that is created from a breeder.

If you think about all the ways that you try to be eco-friendly in your life, you can easily extend that into your pet’s life and/or what you use for your pets.

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