20 June, 2012
If you are a cat owner, you have invariably tried different types of cat litter that work well with your cat and home.  I had my boy, Sammy, using a typical clay, scoopable litter that can be found at any grocery store.  It was seemingly easy, but would track everywhere.  It drove me crazy.  A friend of mine recommended Feline Pine Cat Litter and Sammy and I love it!

It is 100 % Natural Pine

The best part about Feline Pine Cat litter is the smell.  It actually smells like pine trees and your cat’s litter box is left smelling great.  The Feline Pine cat litter absorbs your cat’s urine leaving essentially no smell.  The highly absorbent pine fibers work like thousands of tiny sponges to absorb liquid to lock ammonia odors away. The solids sit on the top so you can scoop it out quickly and efficiently.

Feline Pine is also hypo- allergenic.  Feline Pine uses the odor-fighting powers of 100% natural pine instead of harsh chemicals, additives or synthetic perfumes to eliminate the toughest odors and allergic reactions. My friend who has allergies bought the pine litter and feels great.

Clean up is easy!

The litter actually looks like little pieces of pine so if there is spill over, you can pick it up easily.  This litter does not track and spread throughout your carpet or wood floor.  Further, while it is initially more expensive than your typical brand of cat litter, it lasts a long time.  I had a twenty pound bag which lasted a few months!

For your daily clean up, simply pick out the ‘solids’ and throw it away.  You can shake up the litter to then redistribute the rest of the pine.   The pine eventually dissolves to dust which indicates that it is time to change the litter.

How to switch your cat litter from old brand to Feline Pine

I know that every cat owner will be concerned on how to transition their litter so your cat doesn’t get upset and take it out on you and your carpet.  It really is easy:
1.  Pour one inch of Feline Pine into a clean litter box.  Next, pour one to two inches of your old litter brand on top.  Don’t mix it – your cat will do that for you as he or she uses her litter.

2.  The next time you clean out the litter, fill it with one inch of Feline Pine and even less of your old brand.  Repeat this for two to three litter changes lessening the amount of your old litter each time. And then, you are done! (Sammy took to it really quickly.)

I assure you that your house will smell better, the clean up is easy and you and your cat will love it.

Try Feline Pine Cat Litter and you will not be sorry!  You can find it at your local pet store or at www.felinepine.com!

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