Fifty Shades of a Stray – A Cat’s Tale
4 September, 2012

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I, Sammy, was at the Vet the other day waiting in my little carrier for my annual check up.  I was licking my paws, minding my own business, when I saw the big and bold, Joanna, a STRAY, who was sitting next to her Mom (who just adopted her) waiting for a check-up.  We caught eyes and my inner-kitty MEOWED.

My mom knew something was up, so she took me out of my carrier and brought me onto her lap.  She had never seen me like this before…I was purring and shivering, my fur up on its ends!  I stretched out to show my gorgeous orange and white fur to this oh-so-pleasing gal!  I wonder if she’ll like me?  Does this big bulldog act like this all the other felines?

It was at that moment that Joanna looked at me with this domineering stare and I could only think ‘er’ . Would I be pleasing to her doggie ways?  Can I still take my fifteen naps a day?

Joanna’s mom, sensing our chemistry, let go of Joanna’s grey leash.  Joanna ambled over to me and pointed to a nearby food bowl.  “Eat” she barked…   You need your energy for what I have planned for you, Mr. Sam.  She then proceeded to bark orders at me:  Sit, Stay! So I sat up, the best that I could!

You need your strength if you are going to proceed into my grey doggy crate of disdain, Mr. Sam!


My inner-cat conscious was reeling.  I stuck out my tongue, bit my lower jaw and muttered “Meow”.   Joanna went crazy as she barked ‘do NOT bite your lower jaw’ it makes me ruff ruff around the edges.   Joanna then motioned to her grey leash that she had around her neck.

Holy Crap.. I murmur!  Oh My….. What does this dom dog have planned for a mellow cat like me?  She is such a control freak.  She’s fifty shades of a stray!

The Vet then calls my Mom’s name and my Mom picks me up.   “Sam.. I don’t know what’s gotten into you; it’s time for your check up”.

Joanna starts barking and sashays towards me. “Don’t leave me…. I’ll be in pain if I never see you again.  I have never met a cat like you… Saaammuel!”

I turned her way and meowed “ Laters, baby” as we entered the vet’s office, my life furever changed.

Meet Sammy and Joanna on where the pets ALWAYS have something to say!

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