Five Basic Tips for New Cat Owners
8 August, 2012

When you bring a new (adopted) cat home, there are five basics that you should know to take care of you new feline friend.  If you are already a cat owner, you will invariably know these basics, but sometimes a little reinforcement can’t hurt.

Below are the five essentials for any cat owner to follow:

Meal Times should be Consistent

Breakfast and all meals for your kitty should be served at the same time everyday.   Always give your cat the same amount of either wet or dry food or both!  Your cat will probably wake up before you and let you know he or she is ready to eat.  It is important to be consistent with food amount and times of day. It will help you and your cat as he or she will let you sleep longer and your kitty will know when he or she is going to eat.

Fresh Water

Water is essential. Fresh water means replacing the water from your cat’s water bowl on a daily basis. If the water has become stale, refresh it when you get home.  Some cats will go as far as to dig in the water bowl and empty all the old water out and spill it all over the floor.  So make sure that your cat is always hydrated and the bowl is filled.  There are also fun fountains and/or water displays that constantly refill the water bowl while you are at work or away so you don’t have to worry about it.

Great tips for kitties and cats!

Litter Box Maintenance

Always clean out the litter box on a daily basis.  I, personally, clean out the litter box twice a day, but it depends on you and your cat’s needs.   You should also do a full cleaning of the litter box once a week.  Simply dump all the old litter and clean out the entire litter box with a liquid soap and water. Then refill the box with fresh litter and you will have a nice clean litter box for your cat!


If you can brush your cat on a regular basis, it will help you get rid of you cat’s hairballs or knots in their fur. Hairballs can be a hazard as they are uncomfortable for your cat and can land in his or her food.  Not good for your cat or his digestion.  This is very important as summer is upon us and cats shed even more so you can prevent the excessive shedding by brushing your cat often.

Cats Require Attention and Love too

New cat owners might not realize that cats, like dogs, need love, attention and nurturing.  While dogs are seemingly more social, you would be surprised at just how loving cats can be. They have big personalities and will win your heart instantly.  Therefore, make sure to play with your cats, give them toys, lots of love and they will thrive!

The above are just the fundamentals for you and your feline friend.  As you get to know your new cat, you will be able to judge all of the above according to your cat’s specific needs.  

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