3 July, 2012
As many cat owners know, our cats are fun, funny and fascinating companions.  While dogs are wonderful too, sometimes cats get rated as second best.  However, our cats make us laugh and do silly things.  Sammy opens the door to my bedroom; my friend’s cat, Cosmo, likes to drink water only from a water glass.    The list is endless.
Below are some fun and strange facts about cats with a great infographic to go along with it.
1. Cats sleep 16 – 18 hours a day.  While that seems hard to believe, think about how often they are napping.
2. The word cat refers to a family of meat eating animals that includes tigers, lions, leopards and panthers.
3. Cats have true fur which means they have both an undercoat and an overcoat.

4. A female cat can have three to seven kittens every four months.

5. A cat can jump seven times at it is tall – (hello, dog lovers… can your dog jump that high??)
6. Cats tend to respond better to women than men.  Of course, every cat is different, but as a general rule (do you think that’s how they got the term the cat lady??)
7. You can tell a cat’s mood by looking into his or her eyes…. I know Sammy is in a state when he stares at me with his big green eyes.
8. The average life span of a cat is fourteen years, but they can live until they are twenty.  I know a cat that lived for twenty two years!
9. Cats must have fat in their diets because they can’t produce it on their own.
10. Almost 10 % of a cat’s bones are in his or her tail.
11. A cat can spend five hours a day grooming himself – is that why they are so clean!
12. Cats respond more readily too a name with ‘ee’ sound at the end.  Hmm… think Sammy?
13. Cats take 20 – 40 breaths per minute.
14. Kittens remain with their mothers until they are 9 weeks old.
15. A cat is pregnant 58- 65 days.
16. A cat taken far from his or her home can return to it.  But, if a cat’s owner moves far from his or home, the cat can not find them.
17. Cats have 30 teeth.
18. It’s hard for some cats to see under their nose which is why some have difficulty picking up tidbits on the floor.
So, how about those fun, crazy cat facts from  Obviously, not all apply to each cat, but as a general rule, our feline friends are pretty darn special.

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