How to Get Your Cat To Sleep Through the Night
27 March, 2018
cat sleep through night

Our cats love to sleep all day long and are wide awake just when we want to go to sleep. It can be difficult to get our cats in sync with our sleeping patterns when we’re away all day and our cats tend to sleep all day long.  The key is to keep our cats more active during the daytime so they will sleep through the night, just like we do.

Some tips to get your cats to sleep through the night:

Keep your cat stimulated during the day while you are away

When you aren’t home to play with your cat(s), make sure your cat has a toy or something that will fun or encourage your cat to play. Look for toys that are interactive or require your cat to play.  Leave treats around in hidden spots so that your cat wants to play and move around.   Install a perch or a high-platform by the window so your cat can watch the birds and activity and keep your kitty stimulated.

Plan a play session with your kitty right before you go to bed

If you can get in the habit of having a playing with your kitty an hour or so before going to bed, this will help tire him out.  Throw some mice around or his favorite toy and see if he runs after it.  Use a fishing rod toy or whatever it takes to get your cat moving.   Take a break and then try again.  Most cats play and then sleep.  And that is the goal.

Feed your cat before you go to bed

Right after your play session, feed your cat half his daily food to get your kitty content and drowsy. If your cat continues to wake you during the night for food, purchase a timed feeder that you can fill and set to dispense once or twice during the night. Make sure you reduce meal sizes during the day so that your cat doesn’t gain weight.

If you have one cat, adopt a second!

If you have only one cat at home, how about adopting a second cat to keep your cat company.  Not only are you saving another cat’s life but enriching the life of your cat at home.  If you have two cats, they will most likely play together during the day and be more tired at night.  And if they do like to play at night, they aren’t keeping you awake but each other!

If your cat cries during the night, try to ignore him or her

If your cat wakes you up at night, the worst thing you can do is to get up and feed him or even engage. As soon as you get up to see what is going on with your cat, it only reinforces the bad behavior by giving in to his or her demands.   Just put your pillow over your head and go back to sleep.  If the meowing is new or really loud, than, of course, see if your cat is meowing out of pain or illness.

If you can keep your cat active during the day and incorporate a nighttime play session, you and your kitty should sleep soundly through the night.

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