How to Get Rid of Bad Doggy Breath Naturally !
4 October, 2017
get rid of doggy breath

Let’s be honest.  Sometimes you wake up in the morning to your dog licking your face and you actually have to turn the other way!  No, this is not morning breath, but simply bad doggy breath.  Dog halitosis is very common among dogs.  Bad doggy breath can sometimes be a sign of a more serious illness, but usually a little extra dental care and change in diet can help get rid of bad doggy breath.

Bad breath is caused by an increase in bacteria

Bad breath is caused by an increase of the bacteria that produces odors in your dog’s mouth and stomach. There are many factors that can cause this increase and bad breath. The main reason is usually  poor dental health, tartar buildup, plaque, and gum disease will all enhance bad breath in dogs.

As always, make sure to visit your veterinarian to rule out any sort of medical issue.  If all is OK there, some tips to help get rid of that bad doggy breath smell naturally:

Start a cleaning routine for your dog

Fighting plaque and tartar buildup is the first and most important step in keeping your dogs’ teeth healthy and clean. Dogs’ teeth should be brushed at least twice a week. Use toothpaste formulated for dogs and whichever doggie toothbrush works best for you and your pup. While you clean your dog’s teeth, check for foreign objects that could be lodged in your dog’s teeth or gums.

Try adding parsley to your dog’s diet

Parsley is a natural breath freshener that is safe for dogs to ingest unless their stomachs are sensitive to it. You can slowly try to add parsley to your dog’s food.  Do so slowly and see how your dog takes to it.  Raw carrots, in moderation are also known to help minimize the bad breath, and have other benefits as well!

Purchase dog dental chews that help make your dog’s breath and teeth clean

Purchase dog chews and treats that can help clean your dog’s teeth clean and keep your dog’s breath fresh. There are also chews that have anti-microbial ingredients that promote tooth health and fresh breath.  Look for those that contains breath-freshening chlorophyll, cinnamon, and clove. (If you notice your dog’s poop is a bit on the greenish side — that’s just the chlorophyll doing its green thing.)  Look at these really healthy dental chews from Zuke’s.

Add a premium pet water plaque builder to your dog’s water

Dogs can also drink their way to fresh-smelling breath with a plaque builder, an all-natural cocktail made of enzymes, chlorophyll, and other ingredients designed to blast away bad dog breath. Just add a few teaspoon to your pup’s regular drinking water and you’ll notice a difference within days, as the active ingredients work to kill bad bacteria in the mouth.

Provide dogs with raw bones to chew on.

To help get rid of the buildup of calculus (tartar) on the teeth, and gnawing at bones — raw, soft ones, never cooked! — polishes up pets’ pearly whites.  Just make sure that your dog is chewing on full bones so they don’t choke on the pieces.

Chew toys for your dog

Chewing is natural for your dogs and chew toys are is a great way to keep your dog’s teeth clean (and occupied during the day).  Chewing materials that are great for dog dental care include rawhide, durable rubber, some tough plastics, and strong bones that are safe for dogs.  It’s a great way to keep them chewing, busy and gnawing away to healthier teeth.

 Coconut oil is one of those pantry items you should never be without.

Coconut oil is great for your dog’s digestion, immune system, and metabolic functions — it also helps to combat bad doggy breath. Put a teaspoonful over your dog’s food every single day, and you’ll soon sniff sweeter breath — plus dogs love the taste; for them, coconut oil is a sweet treat.  You can even brush your dog’s teeth with coconut oil!

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