Halo Cat and Dog Food Really Works
20 March, 2012

As a pet owner, I have always been very selective in what to feed my cats and/or dogs.  I know it is really important to feed them a well-balanced diet with good, healthy food.  I figured that I watched everything that goes into my body and I feel great because of it. Shouldn’t the same concept apply to my pets?

Once you decide to take the healthier route, you will be inundated with the numerous types of healthy pet foods on the market.  How do you choose? Like anything else, you hear about a great food from a friend, a commercial and/or recommendation.  Since I am a big fan of Ellen Degeneres, I thought that I would try Halo Pet Food (which she co-owns and endorses) for my beloved, cat, Sammy.  He was getting tired of his wet food so I wanted to dry a different, yet healthy brand.

I bought a few cans at my local Whole Foods and he devoured the Halo canned Salmon stew.  He even licked his plate clean.  I then had Sammy sample the Halo pet dry food and he liked it too.  But, the best part was that he not only loved his food, he seemed to be more energetic and his fur brighter.  I was floored!

I told my friend, Betsy, about Halo Pet food because her dog, Joanna, was a little overweight and seemingly tired all the time.  Betsy was skeptical at first but figured that it was worth a try.   Amazingly, Joanna (a bulldog) dropped five pounds in a month and is the most active she has been in ages!

Now, I knew that this Halo Pet Food was onto something and wanted to understand what makes the food so great.  Apparently, Halo Pet Food uses premium quality ingredients.  They combine a well balance diet of proteins, carbohydrates, essential oils and fatty acids in all their cat and dog food. 

I am not a nutritionist nor a veterinarian, so I can not say exactly why their specific brand has worked so well on my cat and my friend’s dog.  But, I only know that they both love it and have reaped the rewards of the Halo Pet Food line.

I am always looking to recommend good products to my friends and fellow pet lovers/owners.  I am really excited to know that I discovered a great line of food that is easy to find and comes in a variety of flavors so my cat, Sammy, never ties of it.

Why not give it a try?  Your pet will thank you for it.   www.halopets.com

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