Have You Seen Imperial Cat’s Mustache Scratcher?
16 April, 2013

What cat wouldn’t go crazy for Imperial Cat’s new Mustache designed Scratch ‘n Shapes?  This is just one of the new mustache themed Scratch ‘n Shape from Imperial Cat and part of their fun and popular line of high-quality and eco-friendly scratchers.   I know Sammy, my cat, will go nuts for it and I just ordered one today!

The scratchers come in a ‘stache shape and are available in two sizes. The Large Mustache scratcher is great for one spoiled kitty, while the Giant Mustache scratcher is perfect for multiple cats and comes in a variety of ‘stache sizes and design options. The popular Cozy Curl scratcher is also available in the silly mustache print. As always, Imperial Cat is 100% recyclable after use – perfect for Earth Day 4/22.  How great it that!

Imperial Cat is adding fun mustache themed Scratch ‘n Shapes to their already popular line of high quality and eco-friendly scratchers. The brand recently introduced kitty home décor with their latest chair and ottoman scratchers, but the addition of the mustache is sure to bring a smile to cats and cat lovers everywhere.

I can’t get enough of this scratcher!

The Large Mustache scratcher will easily attract your cat with its sloping design offering enough space to scratch and play, while providing a great spot for those “cat” naps. Need even more ‘stache for your kitties? There is also a Giant Mustache scratcher available in different sizes, from curly to full ‘stache sized designs. For the cat parents that love the traditional scratcher shape, the Cozy Curl scratcher also comes with an entertaining Mustache Print.

Our cats are so fun and quirky – think how much they will enjoy these huge scratch pads.  The Mustache Scratch ‘n Shape gives our cats a great spot to scratch and play, while adding an amusing touch to any home.   Certainly beats scratching our couches or favorite clothes!

Made in the USA from 100% post consumer recycled materials, Scratch ‘n Shapes are 100% recyclable after kitty’s use. The honeycomb texture of the Scratch ‘n Shapes cardboard imitates natural tree bark, so cats instinctively want to sink their claws into the scratchers. Each Scratch ‘n Shapes also includes a bag of Certified Organic Catnip to encourage the happy, active lifestyle of an Imperial Cat.

I just found out about Imperial Cat and I am so glad I did.  Apparently, they have been catering to our feline community’s needs for many years and their Mustache scratcher is no exception.

For more information on the feline focused brand and their selection of horizontal and hanging Scratch ‘n Shapes variations, visit them online at www.ImperialCat.com.  I can’t wait to see how Sammy likes his new scratch pad.  Isn’t it time to purchase one for your cat?

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