House Training Your Puppy – Learn How
19 September, 2011

There are numerous techniques, articles and books on how to house train your puppies. I thought I would just write a short simple guide that summarizes the most important aspects of housetraining.

These tips are for those who are at home and/or have someone to take care of their puppy.

First and foremost, watch your puppy.

It is important to keep a constant eye on your puppy. Use puppy gates (same as baby gates), tie downs, and /or leashes to make sure you can always see your puppy. If you see him or her start to sniff around, circle, whimper, or squat then quickly take him outside. Give him a ton of praise when he goes to the bathroom outside. It is important to keep your puppy under constant supervision not only for housetraining purposes, but to keep him out of trouble in general. You never know what they will get into: they eat shoes, cell phones, and remote controls. This can be dangerous (and costly) for your puppy.

Keep a schedule

If you keep a schedule for your puppy, you will notice that he or she can be fairly predictable with his potty times. You can simply keep a schedule on a piece of paper and you will notice a consistent cycle.

I like going outside !

Be consistent

Stay consistent so your puppy knows what you want him to do. Be consistent by taking him outside to the same spot to go to the bathroom (and remember to praise him). Make sure to further be consistent with your puppy’s feeding schedule. If you do not stay consistent with the feeding, then the puppy will be off schedule.

Be persistent yet patient

Be firm with housetraining your puppy in spite of any difficulty. At times it may seem like your puppy just does not get it, but don’t waver and get frustrated. Remember, it takes time to housetrain a puppy. If you are patient, you will be rewarded.

Praise your puppy

It is really important to praise your puppy when he does the right thing. He will feel the love and praise and it will help reinforce the correct behavior and/or pattern.

Crate Training Puppies

This is a whole other technique of housetraining that some puppies love and others simply can’t get used to. However, if your puppy takes to the crate, it is great for housetraining as your puppy’s natural instinct will be to go outside the crate. And, with your watching him, you will know to take him out of the crate timely as per the steps above.

Good luck with housetraining and remember consistency, patience and praise will reap huge rewards.

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