How to Bathe Your Cat in 6 Easy Steps!
7 March, 2016
bathe cat

Cats are great pets for so many reasons including the fact that they groom themselves on a daily basis. But, sometimes you need to give your cat a bath because they rolled around in something smelly or maybe they have fleas. And, most cats are not excited about being bathed! However, if you prep ahead of time, have your method planned out, it should be fairly easy.

Below are some the 6 easy steps to get that kitty bathed quickly and efficiently.

1. Get your supplies and bathroom ready

Have a towel, a pet shampoo made for cats (or mild baby shampoo), a long sleeve shirt or sweatshirt, and long gloves ready to go. Fill your tub with a few inches of water to get ready. Conditioners work well if your cat has a medium to long coat.

2. Brush your kitty ( most cats love this)

Take a brush and get rid of the dust and other particles in your cat’s fur. This is really important if you have a longhaired cat. Wet tangles are much worse to comb out than dry ones. You’ll also want to make sure your cat doesn’t have any mats because matted fur can trap soapy residue next to his skin and cause itchy, flaky patches.

3. Try to catch your kitty by surprise

Pick up your cat like it’s just another day and pet him or her. Get your kitty in a good mood and carry him towards the bathroom. Once you get to the bathroom, close the door and you are half-way there. This is not so different from trying to get your cat in his crate or box when you go to the vet.

4. The faster, the better

Remember, the quicker that you get your cat washed, dried, and cleaned, the sooner it is over. So if possible, wet your cat down, shampoo, and rinse in one motion! You may want to avoid your kitty’s head or do it after he or she is out of the tub. Shampoo your kitty quickly and begin rinsing and quickly moving the water over his body.

5. Rinse your kitty down

A wet cat is slippery! Don’t expect to be able to hold your kitty for more than a few seconds at a time. This is when the glass doors of the shower come in handy. Your kitty may run around but he can’t get out.

6. Now dry that kitty off

Drying is a breeze and you’re almost there. Reach for the towel, wrap it around your cat, and carefully lift him or her out of the tub. If he squirms let him sit on the floor as you dry his fur and get most of the water off his tail, legs, and belly. Now you’ll have a clean, cat (most likely, angry) walking around the house for a few hours.
Make sure to praise your kitty and offer some treats for his five minutes of torture!

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