How to Cure Ear Infections in Dogs – Treatment and Prevention
3 June, 2013

Many dog owners, especially those who own dogs with floppy ears, have probably dealt with an ear infection in your dog(s).  Dog ear infections are very common, especially those affecting the outer ear.  These infections are treatable, but need to be dealt with immediately to avoid further issues.


If your dog has an ear infection, you might see or even smell some of the following symptoms with the affected ear:

Unpleasant odor

Hot and painful to the touch

The inside may seem abnormally moist

Shaking of the head


Scabs or inflammation

Dogs with allergies may experience more ear infections than other dogs. It can be caused by wax build up inside the ear. It can also be caused by a dog’s hair blocking the passage of air and creating a buildup of not only wax but also dirt and debris.


How to determine if your dog has an ear infection

Ear infections can be cured fairly quickly or become chronic depending on the underlying cause. To diagnose an ear infection, your veterinarian will take a thorough history and perform a complete physical exam of your dog.   Your veterinarian will examine your dog’s ears using an otoscope to look at the ear canal canal.


Treating ear infections can be very tricky, especially if allergies are involved. Treatment will depend on the cause, nature, and severity of the ear infection. Your veterinarian will recommend the best treatment for your dog’s particular situation. Treatment will usually include antibiotic ointments, drops, sprays, or creams for the ear.  If the ear infection is more severe, your veterinarian will probably prescribe an oral antibiotic.


The best way to avoid an ear infection in your dog is to make sure that your dogs ears are cleaned on a regular basis.

You can try cleaning your dog’s ears with white vinegar to remove dirt from the ear and promote the growth of good bacteria. Use the vinegar in the same way as you would an ear cleanser – pour it on a cloth or cotton swab and gently wipe inside the ear. This might help ease the infection or even clear it up if the problem was not too severe to start.   There are also many homeopathic cleansers on the market that you can choose from to clean your dog’s ears.  If you are unsure of what to buy, consult your veterinarian or someone knowledgeable at your local pet store.

Some other ways to prevent ear infections in your dogs is to try to avoid moisture in your dog’s ears.  If your dogs enjoy swimming, make sure to dry out his or her ears immediately after he’s done.  The same goes for if your dog runs in the rain.  It’s always important to keep your dog’s ears clean and dry.

As mentioned above, it is important to treat an ear infection or problem as soon as your realize your dog has one.  And make sure that you understand how and where to put the medication on your dog.  Even if your dog’s ears look better after a few days, be sure to finish all the medication or recommendations by your vet.

If you keep your dog’s ears clean and dry and watch out for the above symptoms, your dog’s ear infection can be cured quickly!

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