How to Find the Best Cat Tree
14 November, 2015

Guest Blog by Lily Henderson

Cat trees are awesome products. Our cats love them and it is fun to watch them climb from tier to tier. It creates an atmosphere of fun while strengthening their inner core at the same time. Even the laziest of cats have a hard time not getting a good exercise from a cat tree.

But choosing the best cat tree for your home can be very overwhelming. You want to know that your cat it going to enjoy the cat tree and not just play in the box it came in.

 A cat tree is a big purchase, both in the financial sense and the literal sense. Clearing a spot in your home for something so big may not be an easy feat. Not to mention the time it will take to put the whole thing together.

There are several key elements to keep in mind before you click the Buy It Now button. Many of these elements depend purely on what your cat is like. Is she a big cat? Can he jump high? Does she like to climb? Is he rough with his toys?

Along with determining what your cat is like and these awesome how-to tips, you will be able to make a purchase that is great for you and your cat.


First and foremost you want to buy a high quality cat tree. It can be tempting to buy a cheaper cat tree but the quality that goes into creating such a cheap build just may not be there. The best quality cat tree will be built with solid wood. Particle board and cardboard can break down over time, especially if you have a large cat or multiple cats.


Most cats yearn to be as high as they can. This is called vertical territory. This is why you may find your cat on top of kitchen cabinets, closets, or bookcases. It’s their way of claiming territory in your home.

If your cat is one of these kinds of cats then you are definitely going to want to look into a very high cat tree. This will help give your cat the space they want while also avoiding those dangerous spots like the kitchen cabinets.


A large width base for a cat tree is mostly important if you have a large cat. Your large cat won’t feel comfortable on narrow tiers making them unstable. If you know anything about cats they are not about being unstable, at all. Make sure the tier or ledges are going to be large enough for your cat to lounge appropriately.


Material for cat trees mostly consists of either carpet or faux fur. Both are different in their own special way. Faux fur will be softer, more comfortable, and more affordable. But carpet will give you the durability that will last a much longer time.


Cat trees are full of awesome features. All types of different trees can have anything from scratching posts, to cat beds, to cat nip mice.  If you find your cat is quite a fan of scratching on your favorite linens, getting a cat tree with a great sisal rope scratching post would be a great alternative for them.

Or perhaps your cat is one that loves sleeping in awkward places. A cat tree with a cat bed perch would be great for their newest place of rest.

Making the Purchase

Now that you’ve considered all the aspects of the cat tree you are ready to move forward.   Continue on with your research. Try searching specific brands of cat trees and be sure to look at the ratings. You are going to want to purchase from a company that will treat you right and have great customer service.

When it’s all said and done you will be glad you took the time to do your homework before you made a big purchase like this one. Then sit back, relax, and enjoy watching your fur babies have a blast on their new cat tree.

Bio: Lily Henderson has a big heart for cats. Having 2 cats herself she noticed that there is a severe lack for good reviews sites in the cat department. This has led her to create her website to help others find good quality information about the best cat products.


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