How To Get Rid Of Bad Dog Breath
3 October, 2011

While this isn’t the most pleasant article to write, there are some cases where dogs (and some cats) have horrendous breath. Similar to humans, this can be common in pets and there are ways to combat or even cure it.

Halitosis in dogs can be a symptom of more serious problems but it can also simply mean that it is time for some dentistry on your dog’s teeth.

If your dog’s teeth are not white, but have yellow and brown mark, this usually means there is plaque build up that needs to be scraped off. If the plaque is dark yellow and hard, your dog could have a form of calculus which then indicates a type of periodontal disease. The bacteria that harbors in the plaque and calculus can cause bad breath and if left untreated can multiply and migrate.

A trip to the vet can determine if your dog needs some dental work from the above symptoms.

How’s my breath smelling now?!

But, then lies the question of what you should do as maintenance after the dentist visit? And, further, what can you do to help combat and keep those teeth white and the dog’s breath fresh?

Below are some recommendations that should help alleviate the condition.


I know this can be a difficult task, but it is important to brush your dog’s teeth to keep the plaque away. While some dogs like the taste of the toothpaste and will behave while brushing, others won’t like having a weird finger-brush or toothbrush put in their mouth and might run away. Just remember to start slowly, reward the dog after for good behavior and be positive.


Always feed your dogs high quality pet food that contains ingredients that promote good digestion. Some even contain dental ingredients that are beneficial. Some dry food is made in a way that it scrapes the teeth lightly helping to keep plaque from building up. Your vet can give you a recommendation.


There are several dog treats on the market that help fight bad breath, scrape the plaque off the teeth, and have ingredients that give your dog fresher breath. Look for Greenies and Dentabone products as well as other brands. Your dogs won’t notice the difference in taste and you will both be rewarded by the ‘fresher’ breath smell.


There is even a vaccine to help prevent periodontal disease. Ask your vet if this is something that your dog would benefit from receiving. This vaccine targets the common types of bacteria that are found in your dog’s mouth with periodontal disease.

I hope these tips help and that you can kiss your dog and be rewarded with the ‘cleaner’ teeth smell.

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