How to Get Your Chunky Cat Thinner!
17 September, 2013

Some people think that chunky cats look cute!  Well, it kind of looks that way sometimes, but it is unhealthy for your cat.  As our cats age, they can get lethargic and put on weight.  Or maybe your cat is just one that loves to eat and whatever you try, he or she seems to stay at that same weight!  It’s really important to get your young chunky felines on a diet so they don’t have issues their entire life.

As in humans, a cat needs exercise, a healthy diet and less food to lose weight.  Below are some tips to help your cat lose some of those extra pounds!

Protein is essential in kitty weight loss

Cats are primarily carnivores; this means that your kitty needs protein as the main ingredient is in his or her diet!  Therefore, it is very important in choosing a healthy cat food that the main and first ingredient is protein.  If your kitty’s food consists mainly of ingredients such as corn, rice and other starch, these are just empty calories for kitty.  You should look at the label and make sure that a meat based protein is the first ingredient.  Any high-quality pet food will have protein first and foremost.

Wet versus dry food

There is the ongoing debate about whether wet or dry food is better for your cat.  The real test is what your cat will eat.   As long as you are feeding your kitty a healthy type of food, it really is about what your kitten will eat.  Wet food has the benefit of having less filler and more water, which in turn is better for weight loss.  But, at the end of the day, it’s all about the caloric intake.

Portion size is key!

Just as we, humans, limit our food intake when trying to lose weight, the same applies to our feline friends.  Your kitty will not lose weight if you let him or her free feed all day.  If you leave food out all day for your cat, then he or she will snack whenever she feels like it even when not hungry.  When feeding your kitty, leave the food out for 10 minutes; if there’s still food in the bowl or on the plate, put it in the fridge for dinner. You’ll start seeing a difference in your cat’s figure in no time.

Get your cat moving!

It’s essential that you get your cat exercising.  Play with your cat and get him or her to run around and chase string, toy mice, laser light, and other fun toys.   If you can play with your cat for 10 – 15 minutes a day, it will really help your chunky cat lose some weight.  It will be fun for you and your cat, and it will also help your cat sleep through the night.  It also can help heavier, lethargic cats from being bored and depressed.

Try not to give your kitty human food

Human food is for humans, not for our kitties! I am guilty of giving Sammy scraps (but only healthy ones).  If you can cut out table scraps from your cat’s diet and give your cat only healthy treats, it can help your kitty lose weight.  But, again, even if it’s a healthy treat, it ultimately will add to your kitty’s caloric intake and it’s all about calories consumed!

As always, consult your veterinarian for tips if your kitty is overweight.  Your vet can recommended a good healthy cat food and let you know how many calories your cat should be eating a day.  If you can’t find the calories on the can or bag, look it up on the internet, as they should be provided to you.  Good luck!

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