How to Help Your Overly Active Dog
30 January, 2016

If your dog is filled with an abundant amount of energy, he or she is probably an overactive dog. An overactive dog typically has endless energy, loves to walk for hours and never seems to get tired. As a dog owner, there is no need for alarm with an overactive dog; just make sure that an overactive dog gets enough exercise and training.

However, a hyperactive dog is more problematic as he or she is similar to a child that is hyperactive… his activity is almost frantic. A hyperactive dog will pant constantly and has a heart rate that is elevated. And, this behavior continues until he or she is so tired, that the poor pup passes out. This can be dangerous in dogs and should be monitored.

Take your dog to the Vet

The first thing you should do if you think that you have a hyperactive dog is take him or her to the vet to see if there is a medical issue. Make sure to properly document why or how you think your dog is hyperactive. If your dog truly is hyperactive, he most likely will demonstrate this behavior while you are with your vet.

Based on a full medical examination of your seemingly hyper dog, your vet can come to a conclusion about the reason for his excess activity levels. She may prescribe medication to treat any medical causes of his behavior. There are some medications that you can try to see if it helps the issue.

Make sure your dog gets enough exercise

Even if your vet does describe medication, you should first try exercising your dog more and see if this helps his over-activity. If you take him or her on runs and teach him after to sit down on a mat and rest, this could help. Remember, that behavioral changes take time so don’t expect results overnight. With time and effort, you might be able to calm your dog merely by working him out more.

Your dog might be hyperactive due to lack of training

Some hyperactive dogs become this way due to lack of training. Maybe you adopted a dog that won’t settle down. Or maybe you have given your dog too much attention even when they are barking, jumping or biting your furniture and he likes the attention. Your dog will need to learn the basics of dog training and if you think he is hyperactive, you should hire a dog trainer. A trainer will be more skilled to teach you how to work with your dog.

Some dogs are not hyperactive but suffer from anxiety

Some dogs suffer from anxiety and are constantly stressed out. This usually manifests itself by dogs that pace the floor and pant heavily. These dogs might have a compulsive disorder and as in humans can repeat the same behavior over and. These dogs aren’t hyperactive; they just need help to settle down. A vet will know if your dog has a compulsive disorder and will prescribe medication or it could be time to see an animal behavior specialist.

If your dog is seemingly hyperactive, make sure to give him plenty of time, love, attention and exercise and that might just be the cure.

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  1. Great tips on this! I have such an overactive dog – she is young though. We have to take a few daily to tire her out!

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