How to Keep Your Cats Cool This Summer!
13 June, 2016
cat keeping cool

Our cats love nothing better than catching the rays of the sun on the carpet or a window perch. With summer here and the temperatures climbing, your cat can potentially be exposed to the dangers of heat stroke (hyperthermia).  While your cat usually will search for cooler spots to spend his or her time, it is our responsibility as cat owners to help keep our kitties cool.

If you think of the temperature you like during the summer and how you like to cool off, your cats are very much the same.

Below are some tips to help keep your cats cool in the summer months:

Keep your air conditioning on low or fan on to keep your cat cool

Use your usual cooling methods that you would for yourself to help keep your cat cool too. If you have air conditioning or fans, keeping your cat indoors will ensure that it is benefiting from the cooling, too. Many of the things you do also benefit your cat, such as keeping the blinds, drapes, and most doors closed. Just be sure to allow your kitties to have a choice to exit if they feel too cold, so that they can go into a warmer room when he/she pleases.

Make sure to always have cold water available

While this might be obvious, even indoor cats have an increased need for fresh, cool water during hotter weather. Replenish water in bowls on a regular basis. Adding an ice cube in a water bowl not only keeps the water temperature cooler, it can become a little enticement for your cat to drink. It’s not unusual for a curious kitty to paw at the floating ice cube in play and then lick her wet paw.

If your cat tends to play too enthusiastically in her water bowl and ends up with most of it spilled all over the floor, consider getting a pet water fountain. This way, she can paw at the water flowing from the fountain into the reservoir.  Or even a Torus Bowl that replaces water on its own.

Make sure your cat has somewhere cool to lie down

Invest in large, shady potted plants. Make sure they will provide ample shade for your kitty and not be toxic to her should she decide to taste-test the leaves.

If your home is carpeted, try to provide your cat with a cool surface

If your home is carpeted, provide your kitty with cooler places to lie down.  If you find your cat in the bathroom on the tile floor, there is a reason.  It helps that your kitty has a cool place to lie.  And you might notice when your kitty walks across your tile floor, you will see moist paw prints left.

Cats sweat through their foot pads. If your home is hot, and you don’t see moist paw prints, that should raise concern.   Take a look at our article on How You Can Tell if Your Cat is Overheated to learn more.

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