How to Keep Your Dog Away from Your Cat’s Food
15 July, 2014

Our dogs are very good eaters and like all type of food.  Our cats, however, are sometimes a bit finicky.  And cats, for the most part are grazers and like to take their time eating.  And, what’s a hungry dog to do?  He will usually try to eat the cat’s food!  If this is happening in your family of furry members, below are some tips to help keep your dog away from your cat’s food.

What is the difference between cat and dog food?

Both dogs and cats are carnivores; however, cats need more protein in their food for health reasons. This is why cat food often contains fish and extra animal fats which dogs also happen to love. Most cat food has a strong odor that will appeal to a cat; however, this powerful smell can be irresistible to dogs as well.   A little cat food won’t harm your dog at all; it’s just not always fair to your kitty.

Try not to ‘free feed’ your cat

It will help to keep your dog away from your cat’s food is you don’t ‘free feed’ your kitty. Instead, feed your cat like clockwork, around the same time each day. Adhering to a schedule will also make your kitty more eager to eat. Then take your cat’s feeding dish away as soon as she has finished eating. Once she realizes that the kibble won’t be sitting out all day, she will be more anxious to eat it at that time. And, obviously, moist cat food is usually eaten faster as it is easier for your cat to eat.

Feed both your cat and dog at the same time

If you feed both pets at the same times every day and put away both bowls after you’re done, your dog won’t be able to eat the cat food!  Try to get your pets on a schedule so they don’t seek food at other times. This will eliminate a lot of the annoyance of the problem. However, cats seldom eat much at any one time, preferring to eat a lot of small meals.

Place your cat’s food in a place where the dog can’t get to.

Put your cat’s food in a place that your dog can not get to, such as high up on a tall cat post, or even in a separate room of your house. You might consider an automatic cat food feeder if you can find a high enough location that’s well out of your dog’s reach.  If your cat can jump high enough, you might want to put the food on a high shelf that your dog can’t reach.

It might be worth investing in a pet gate

Another way to keep your dog away from your cat’s food is to purchase a pet gate. This will keep your dog away from your cat’s feeding area (your cat can simply jump over it), reducing your need to watch over your pets.   It could even be a gate that you open and close just during feeding time.

If your dog eats your cat’s food, go to the basic commands

If you catch your dog eating your cat’s food, go over and use the basic command “bad.” Another idea to use in conjunction would be to keep a spray bottle readily available. A good squirt or two should be sufficient enough to stop any dog in his or her tracks. Be sure to only use these methods immediately when your dog is stealing the food. Waiting too long will verbally humiliate your dog even more, as he has probably already forgotten the crime he has committed a bad act and will respond adversely.

It really is all about timing.  If you can get your cat and dog’s eating schedule in sync each day, it should help stop your dog from eating your cat’s food.


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