How To Make Living In An Apartment Easier For Your Pet
12 February, 2018
living in an apartment with pets

Guest blog by Alex Briggs

Many people assume living with pets in an apartment is a challenge, but it can easily be done if you take the time to prepare your apartment and provide activities and structure for your pet.  You should always make sure that a pet is allowed to live in your apartment; failure to notify management or pay a pet deposit fee could result in a hefty fine or even being kicked out of your apartment.

Most pets are fine to live in an apartment, but certain pets (like large breeds) need more space.  Think about the type of pet you have and consider all your options.

Think about the best place to situate your pet

If your pet is in a stationary space (tank, cage, etc.), think about where you are placing them.  You should avoid placing them in direct sunlight unless they have a covered space within their area.  If you will be leaving them during extended periods, such as work, make sure the apartment does not get too hot or noisy.  If your pet is an explorer, you should have them in a kennel or cage so they don’t tear up anything or eat something that will hurt them.

Make areas that you want your pet to avoid unappealing

If you want to keep your pet out of something, make the area unappealing to them.  Dogs dislike bitter apple spray and cats dislike the citrus scent so spray these around the areas you want your pets to avoid training them to stay away.  To keep cats off surfaces, lay aluminum foil down until they are conditioned to avoid the area.  Making the effort to teach your pet the house rules will go a long way in apartment living.

Space is limited in an apartment, and as a space saving hack, try storing your pet’s food in an airtight container like a trash can or cereal container.  Just make sure the lid can be properly secured.  Not only will this free up space, but it will be easier to scoop from.

Exercise for both dogs and cats is especially important for apartment living

For dogs, exercise is extremely important.  This will keep their minds active and serve as bathroom breaks.  To keep your dog calm and content, take them on long walks in the morning and at night.  If you can, have your dog play games outside like fetch or agility training.  The dog should be trained to potty in certain areas around the property, and always be a good neighbor and clean up.  If you have a balcony, you could put a grass pad outside so your dog can go to the bathroom there instead of having to go downstairs.

If you have a cat, you should think about investing in a padded tower; they will love jumping and climbing on this to exercise.  If the tower doesn’t include one, you should buy or make a scratching post for your cat.  You could also stuff a toy with treats and have them spend time finding their treat.  If they can reach the windowsill, they will enjoy watching the scenery.

Spending time with your pet is what makes the adjustment easier

The most important way to make living in an apartment easier for your pet is to spend time with them.  Your pet will enjoy the attention, and when you spend time with them while you are both at the apartment, they can rest while you are away.  This will help cut down on their boredom and eliminate the risk of them destroying property.

Alex Briggs is a contributing writer for Park Central Raleigh.

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