How to Recognize Heat Exhaustion in Indoor Cats!
20 June, 2017
heat exhaustion

Summer is here and the temperatures are rising.  We all know the dangers of heat exhaustion in dogs and outdoor cats.  Indoor cats can also suffer from heat exhaustion as the temperatures increase and particularly during summer. There are many preventative measures you can take to protect your indoor cats from heat exhaustion.

If your kitty is exhibiting any of these symptoms, it could be a case of heat exhaustion

If your cat is acting restless trying to find a cool spot; panting, sweaty feet, drooling, excessive grooming in an effort to cool off, rectal temperature is slightly elevated.

Keep your blinds closed on the hot summer days

Indoor cats need to have plenty of places around your home where they can find a reprieve from the hot sun. If you usually leave the blinds open during the day while you are at work, it would be a good idea to close them. We know how our cats love to lie in the sun rays and this only heats them up. Closing the blinds or drapes will keep the temperature down inside the home and your indoor cats will stay cooler.

Leave the air conditioning on or at least at a reasonable temperature

If the temperature is too hot for you, than it certainly is for your cats.  Keep it at a minimum of 74 degrees so at least the air in your home isn’t stifling for your cats.

Always have fresh, cool water available for your cats

Make sure that your indoor cats always have plenty of fresh water available in several different locations once the weather heats up. Remember to replenish your cats’ water supply each day and whenever you notice that it is running low, add a fresh supply.

 Your cats might even drink less when it heats up – make your water bowl more tempting.

Some cats drink less when the weather heats up. But you can encourage your indoor cats to drink water by making your bowl more enticing.  Add an ice cube to their water bowls.  Or invest in a water fountain that makes drinking fun for your kitty.

 If your cat feels really warm, try placing a cool compress over your cat or even ice

If you notice that your indoor kitty feels hot to the touch and is more lethargic than usual, apply a cool compress or use a clean, wet cloth to rub over your cat’s body.  Even if your kitty isn’t a big fan, just rub a wet towel a few times as they don’t realize that they are overheated, but you do and should make sure they are cool.

Indoor cats are strong and adaptable. But if you had a fur coat on during the hot temperatures, you would be hot too!  And you need to recognize when your kitty is overheated and needs attention.

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