How to Stop your Cat from Biting You
11 September, 2012

My cat, Sammy, has been known to playfully bite me on occasion.  It is his way of playing with me.  However, some cats can be aggressive and bite their owners and/or other people all the time. Whatever the reason a cat has for biting, it is important for cat owners to know that they can stop cats from biting them.

Cat Biting

Biting is one of the most common behavior issues that people have with cats. Cats bite, scratch and roll around with their playmates. This type of aggressive play trains kittens for a time when they grow up and are learning their defense mechanisms.  It is therefore important for owners to train their cats to know which behaviors are acceptable and biting is not one of them.

Let your cat know that you are in control

It is important for your cat to know that you are in control and won’t accept the biting or unwanted behavior.  That doesn’t mean that you have to be mean or aggressive; it just means that you need to set the rules for them to live by so they know where the lines are drawn.

Behavior modification

When a kitten is young, he or she learns how far he or she can push other kittens by testing their boundaries.  He or she bites, scratches and play fights with his siblings until the other kittens try to stop him.  After a couple times, the kitten realizes it can’t bite too hard or scratch too much before getting an unwanted response.

The same behavior applies to cat owners.  When playing with your kitten and he or she bites you, it is important for you to respond in a way that he or she doesn’t like. This doesn’t mean that you have to go to extremes or be abusive. You just have to give a response that your cat dislikes.

The spray bottle method

The spray bottle method is an effective way to modify your cat’s behavior.  Simply spray your cat with water when he bites you or someone else. This can be a good method of behavior modification if the spray bottle is always around and you immediately respond to the biting with a quick shot of water.   Just make sure to keep the water away from your cat’s ears.

Ignoring your cat

One of the reasons your kitten or cat is biting you is that he or she is trying to take control of the situation. If your cat bites you, it could just be that he or she doesn’t like the way you have pet him or some sort of unwanted action.  If this happens, then the best recourse you can have is to ignore him and obviously stop petting him or her.

Reinforce positive behavior

If you spend time daily brushing your cat and making sure he knows that you are on his side, he or she should behave better. Take time to point out the times when your cat is behaving well and rewarding him by petting him, talking to him or giving him a treat.  As always, positive reinforcement goes a long way toward getting your cat to behave the way you want him or her to.

Cats, like dogs, have the basic need to fit in and be loved. The best way to stop a cat from biting you is not to tolerate it from the beginning. If you or someone in your family is being used as a pin cushion for your cat, then you need to take action to stop the biting immediately.  By using the above methods, you can get your cat to stop biting you and/or other people.

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