How To Stop Your Cat From Chewing (On Bad Stuff)!
30 January, 2012

I know a lot of cats have an affinity for scratching everything except their scratch pad, but what about chewing?  My friend’s cat, Gypsy, tends to chew everything and it has got her into trouble.  Once she was rushed to the hospital (but she was OK) and another time, she destroyed my friend’s favorite leather jacket!


Kittens often chew, similar to puppies, because they are teething (from around three to six months). If you want to give a kitten something to chew on, you can try a large plastic drinking straw. They provide the crunchy contact kittens need and make a great interactive toy.  You can derive a lot of interactive play by teasing your kitten with the straw, let him capture it and watch him proudly carry it around the house.  Our adult cats still remember their straws and it’s not unusual to see one of them batting one around the floor.

I can chew on this, right?


The best way to discourage your cat from chewing on your favorite sweater or leather jacket is to offer your cat another chewing source such as a chewable soft toy or even a mouse.  Obviously, the best distraction is to put away the items (if possible).  If you can’t put them away, try a bitter homeopathic spray that will discourage your feline friend from chewing that area or item.


Cats have a natural desire to chew on greenery and your houseplants might become a target. Some of these plants can be extremely toxic to cats and for your cat’s safety, you need to learn to recognize and get rid of these plants.  If they are not toxic, either put them out of reach or try a non-toxic plant spray.


Clearly cats should not chew on computer chords as they can be extremely dangerous to your cats from minor shock to death. Cats primarily chew on cords out of boredom, especially if they are left alone during the day.  You should devise a way to cover the cords, discourage access to them, or make them unpalatable for chewing. You might also try larger corrugated tubing to run several wires through.

Always try to provide plenty of toys for your cat or kitten, including wall or door mounted toys, cat towers to explore, with attached toys and/or even an arrangement of cardboard boxes on the floor to form a tunnel, with holes cut through the sides.  If your cat has enough fun distractions, he or she will hopefully play with these toys and leave the ‘bad items’ alone.

I hope these tips help!

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