How to Stop your Cat from Jumping on the Dining Room Table
8 August, 2012

My sister has a kitten named Wyatt who constantly jumps on the table while she eats.  As kittens love to jump and are so active, she is smart to start training her little kitties right away to stop jumping on the table at an early age.  You can train an older cat too, but if you start at kittyhood before any real habits are formed, that’s even better!

Cats will jump up on your table for a variety of reasons: to grab food, see better and/or get your attention. You can get your cat to stop jumping on your dining table.  Below are some tips that could help.

Use a Citrus Scented Cleaner

For some reason, cats generally do no like the smell of citrus.  Therefore, if you wipe down the dining room table down with a citrus-scented cleaner, they will be less tempted to jump on the table.  Not only does the scent deter the cat but it also eliminates any traces of food that might be tempting to your feline friend.

Discourage your cat when he jumps on the table

Actively discourage your cat when he or she jumps on the table. Since this approach is fairly gentle, it could take several weeks for the cat to get the message. Tell the cat “no” in a firm voice and take her or him down. If that doesn’t work, spritz your cat with water from a spray when he or she jumps on the table.  Then he or she will really get the message!

I’m being a bad boy….I do like the table!

Train your Cat to Stay Off the Table

Start a training routine with your cat. Place a wand with a feather and attach it to the table. Have your cat jump on the table to get the wand. When your cat jumps on the table, give her or him a treat. Move the wand to the floor. Provide your cat with another treat when he or she jumps down to the floor. Practice this with your cat and slowly incorporate the word “off” into the routine as you lower the wand to the floor.

Continue training your cat until he or she no longer jumps on the table.  You won’t need the wand and you can just use the word “off” as the key to staying on the floor.

Provide Other High Perches for Your Cat

Cats love to be up high, so if you can provide other outlets for your cat to perch or lie on, they will grow to prefer it to the table.  If you can get some shelves or furniture that allows your cat to look outside, that is ideal.   Invest in a scratching post or playhouse that allows the cat to climb. When your cat has places it can climb and get up high, the table will not seem as interesting.

Make sure your Cat isn’t simply hungry

When a cat jumps on a table or a countertop, often he or she is seeing if there is any food left over. Give your cat more food (cat food, not your food) so he or she has no reason to jump on the table.

Be consistent

As always, you need to be consistent with your training for your cat to really understand that you mean business! Don’t allow the cat to sometimes jump on the table and not allow him or her other times.  He or she will not understand the difference and will continue to leap onto the table.

With continued practice and discipline, you can get your cat to stop jumping up on your table!  Good luck.

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