How to Stop Your Cat From Peeing in the Sink!
11 July, 2016
cat peeing in sink

All cats need a clean, fresh litter box where they can feel comfortable to eliminate properly.  Just like humans, no one wants to do their business in a dirty bathroom! Therefore, it is important to make sure you clean the box daily.  If you have a clean litter box and your kitty starts peeing in the sink or any other unsavory place, there might be a bigger issue at stake.

First, as always, rule out medical issues such as a urinary tract infection or kidney infection.

As with any behavioral change in your cat, you should take your kitty to the vet to make sure nothing is wrong. When cats start urinating in areas other than litter boxes, it could be a sign of an illness, maybe even a Urinary Tract Infection which usually needs serious treatment, which is when you will be glad that you have pet insurance.

if a medical condition has been ruled out, you need to re-train your cat to use the litter box.   As cats age, they can develop kidney disease which needs on-going treatment as well as other medical condition according to Embrace pet insurance.

Below are some suggestions to make the litter box more enticing:

Make sure that your litter box is clean at all times

Most litter boxes need to be cleaned once a day, sometimes even multiple times a day.  Try picking out the discards every morning and night o see if that helps, especially if your cat is avoiding it.  And then refresh with clean litter about 1 ½ inches from the base.

Do you have enough litter boxes in your home?

Rule of thumb is one litter box per cat plus one extra. So, if you have two cats, you should have three litter boxes.  Some cats do not like to share litter boxes, or some cats like to use one box for urinating and another box for defecating.  If your cat is pooping outside the litter box, this can be cause for alarm if it is continues to occur.  In fact some cats have a tendency to do so and it could be considered part of their genetics or a pre-existing condition if you don’t get it treated.

The litter boxes should be placed in private or less trafficked areas

Your cat likes his or her privacy when it comes to urinating and maybe your litter box is in a public location?  If you think this is the case, try changing the location of the box.

Your litter box should be easily accessible

Did your cat outgrow the litter box?  It might now be too small for her or maybe the litter box has a hood or liner that makes your kitty feel uncomfortable.

Below are some suggestions to stop your cat from peeing in the sink:

Make the sink undesirable to your cat!

Place sheets of aluminum foil, plastic or anything else your cat may not like over the sink so your kitty cannot access the bowl of the sink to urinate. If your cat does not like touching the items on or around the sink, your kitty will stay away from it.

Move the litter box to somewhere other than the bathroom

It could be as simple as relocating your litter box to a different room.  Leave your bathroom door closed at all times and your cat will find the litter box in the new location.

Clean the sink thoroughly to remove any urine smells

Many cats associate smells of urine with a place to urinate. If you clean using white vinegar or a cleaning product with a strong scent (bleach or lemon), your cat will usually find it less appealing.

Leave water in the sink – cats hate wet paws!

Leave a little bit of water in the bowl of the sink. Chances are, your cat will not want to get in a wet sink in order to urinate and then start avoiding the sink.

If you have a clean litter box, made the sink as undesirable as possible and your kitty continues to urinate in the sink, it might be worth speaking to a cat behaviorist which is covered under pet insurance plans that have alternative therapies.

17 thoughts on “How to Stop Your Cat From Peeing in the Sink!”

  1. Gizzy (from Gizzy, Thori and Sisi, the second hand kitties – on Facebook) sometimes pees in the bathtub, in the morning before I took the poos out of the litter boxes that have been left there over night, I try to hurry up, but have to open the balcony door for a few minutes first and take care that Thori doesn´t rush out and onto the neighbours´ balcony… But none of them ever peed into the sink!!!

  2. I have few cats in my house and I tried so many method to stop peeing outside litter the box but it not worked, recently one of the website most of the people recommended a product and I followed step by step instruction, now my cat stop Peeing outside the litter box permanently check the product here >>>( )<<< I am very proud to recommend to other Cat lovers

    1. What was the name of the product that you used? The link that you left I doesn’t work. I have been having issues with my cat and I would love to find something that works. Thanks!!!

  3. Our cat Puffy has been driving the entire family crazy with his spraying everywhere. We bought de-scenting sprays and special cleaners, which he ignored and re-marked all over the house…some advice? (I refuse neuter my cat.) Thank you.

  4. Hi Mildred,

    Neutering does help but I’m assuming it is too late to do that.

    Two things: did you change the litter or litter boxes ? Did anything else change in your home. If you even moved furniture or changed anything, cats are sensitive.

    The other thing that could be occurring is your cat has an infection of some sort. If you can’t figure out the behavioral reason or nothing has changed, you should definitely take your cat to the vet. It could be a bigger problem that needs medical attention. Good luck!

    1. Hi Marsha.. It is a hard habit to break. Once you rule out a medical condition – you need to make both areas unappealing. You can put foil in the bathroom sink.. and the bath tub.. maybe the same or an unpleasant smell like citrus which cats tend to avoid. Good luck!

  5. Hi my cat likes to play in kitchen sink and in water , also I started smelling a pee smell , he’s 7 months old maybe time to get him fixed and hopefully that does the trick

  6. Hi Gina.. Fixing will definitely help. If you don’t mind the playing in the sink, that’s fine. But if you don’t like it.. try to put something there — a smell or something lemony. Cats don’t like that smell so your cat will stop going there.

    Good luck!

  7. Hello!
    I have 5 cats, all under four years old and the two youngest stay in my bedroom all the time due to a bullying issue with my 3 year, 3 mo old black female twin cat Luna. Just yesterday I saw her jump into the kitchen sink and I assumed the unspeakable,.. “OMG” Are you peeing in my sink?!
    I got out of my chair and sure enough, there was cat pee in the sink.
    Today late this morning, it happened again. I am home 98% of the time and I clean the cat boxes constantly because I know that cats don’t like a dirty litter box and neither do I. Today I’m going to apply some suggestions from
    this site. I also did not scold my cat for peeing in the sink. She is trying to tell me something and I’m going to try to listen to her. Wish us both luck!

    1. Same exact situation, Cynthia. Our one cat badly picks on the other two, and sure enough she pees in the sink once a day after loudly yowling. It is probably a show of dominance, since the other rtwo like to hang out in the bathroom. Not sure how to stop it aside for rehoming her.

      1. You can try a distraction — like putting foil around the sink or something unpleasant so she decides not to go there.. in the sink.

  8. I rescued a young cat that was already fixed . Shes fit in wonderfuly since and thats been almost 5 yrs ago
    Recently she began going poo on bathroom rugs. Plus whenever id go to sit on the toilet, she hops up to pee in the sink
    Took her to the vet. Bladder infection w crystals. Was given antibiotics and iv fluids for dehydration. That was a week ago. Two days assed n no pee in sink
    No poo on floor. Yesterday i found fresh poo behind the toilet. Has she developed a HABIT???? to go like this? Litterbox is cleaned daily or every other day. It is a very large litterbox. HELP!!

    1. Hi Lynettr, Wow – that is a strange one. It sounds like you are doing everything right. Maybe you can put a towel around the toilet for now so your kitty doesn’t poop there. Is there something your kitty really loves that you can put near the litter box. Have you thought about taking the lid off the litterbox? That sometimes helps.

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