How to Stop Your Cat’s from Fighting
16 April, 2013

If you have ever had more than one cat, you will know that not all felines become friends instantly.  Sometimes you will adopt or bring a cat into your home and they are best friends instantly.  Other times, they just don’t seem to get along.  Or maybe your cats have just started fighting and you aren’t quite sure why.

Below are some tips to help you and your fighting cats.

If you are bringing a new cat home, introduce your cats slowly

When you bring a new cat home, make sure to introduce your home kitty to the new one slowly.  If possible, separate them for a while and give them each their own room.   Pick a neutral room where you can bring them both together to see how they get along.

As we know, our cats are territorial.   The new cat might start hanging out in your older cat’s favorite spots.  And that will be the first of the cat fights.  If possible, discourage your new cat from sleeping or resting in your older cat’s favorite spot.  Try to get the new cat to find his own ‘place’ in your home.  Put catnip on another spot and encourage your new cat to hang out there.  This could prevent future ‘territorial’ fights.

If you mix your cat’s scents, they will like each other more

Cats are very sensitive to and recognize scents easily.  If your cats don’t get along, try to swap or mingle their scents so they welcome the other cat and don’t indentify him or her as a stranger or threat.   You can try to get your cats used to each other’s scents by rubbing each cat onto a towel or t-shirt.  Then, put the shirt or towel in their favorite spot and they will associate the scent as familiar.  Once their scents are intermixed, they won’t feel threatened and it will help them to stop fighting.

If your cats start fighting, try to distract them.

If your cats have started fighting, don’t step in and try to break it up.   This will escalate their fighting and you could get hurt in the process.  Try to make a sudden, loud noise from a hidden spot by clapping your hands or banging a pan. The noise will startle the cats, and they’ll likely both run away.  Another way to distract them is to toss an object nearby to make a loud noise and stop them from fighting.

Cats fight if they are stressed

Cats will sometimes fight with another cat if they feel threatened or stressed.  If your cat sees a bird outside and it makes him agitated, he might turn and pick on the closest ally which could be your other cat.  If this happens occasionally, you need not worry.  But, if it happens often, then maybe you should close your screen or whatever it might be that has made your cat agitated or threatened.

Your cat will fight with another cat if he or she is sick

If your cat isn’t feeling well, he or she might take it out on his usual feline buddy.  If the fighting is new, your cat could be taking out his ‘bad mood’ on your other cat.  If this is the case, your cat might be sick or injured and it is recommended to take your cat to the vet for a check up.

If your cats continue to fight after trying all of the above measures, it might be time to see a cat behavior specialist.

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