How to Stop Your Dog from Destroying Your Living Room!
18 April, 2016

We love our dogs and want them to be happy, healthy and behave properly at home.  When a dog or dogs start acting destructively, there is usually a reason why this behavior just started (assuming they are not puppies).  It is important to figure out why they are behaving this way and then determine the proper way to stop this behavior.

Figure out the time when your dog is most full of energy and then acting out

Is your dog always full of energy and always acting out the most during the day? Does your dog constantly chew on things, run in circles, bark, and wreak havoc in your home?  Your dog is acting out because he or she has too much pent up energy.  So, therefore, you need to increase the play time for your dogs and/or take your dog out more.

 In order to get rid of that excess energy, try taking your dog on different walks, go for a run, or a new park.  Play fetch with your dog every night and/or even before work.  The more exercise, and activity will leave a happier, more relaxed dog at home who will most likely be too tired to act up. 

Your dog could be acting destructively to seek your attention

If your dog is barking all day long, chewing on your furniture, or chasing his tail around all day long, he might be seeking your attention.  When our dogs act out destructively, it is only natural for us to tell him ‘bad dog’ or try to get their attention to help stop the behavior.  Even negative attention is attention in our dogs mind and then they will continue to act out destructively.

The best thing you can do if you think your dog is trying to get your attention, you will need to simply walk away when they are barking or ignore it.  If you just turn away, they will hopefully stop this behavior and realize this is not seeking your attention. 

Your dog might be feeling anxious or alone and is lashing out

If you just changed your work schedule and/or your kids just went back to school, your dogs might be acting out destructively because he is upset of feeling alone. Your dog could be destroying items in your home, throw a tantrum and start barking, pacing, defecating in inappropriate places in an attempt to get you back to your old schedule or just for leaving him alone for too long.

Determine if your dog is simply bored and in turn is acting destructively

If you leave your dog in an area that isn’t fun or comfortable, your dog could be acting destructively because he or she is bored.  Make sure that when you leave, you have a nice place for your dog to reside with a comfy bed or blanket.  Have plenty of toys for your dog to play with that will keep your dog distracted.  Try switching the toys around so your dog will be entertained and he’ll think it’s a treat when he gets an old toy to play with that’s been hidden away.  

Try keeping your home calm and peaceful to prevent destructive behavior

Make sure to provide your dog with a calm and peaceful environment to keep your dog at peace. Your dog is more likely to be annoying and overactive if he or she is already in a chaotic environment. Turn the television down lower and close any doors where sound can impact her negatively.  Maybe your dog is reacting to a neighbors’ dog that is barking all day long.  If you think this is the case, try turning on some comforting music that will help keep your dog calm and relaxed.

Once you figure out why your dog is acting destructively, you can then determine a solution.  Exercise, great toys and the right kind of positive attention will help your dog behave the right way.

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