How to Stop Your Dog from Jumping Up When You Arrive Home
4 November, 2013

If you are like a lot of dog owners, the first “person” who greets you at the door when you arrive home is your dog. And, what better way to come home than to our friendly pups greeting us at the door when we arrive?  However, sometimes our dogs are so excited and jump all over us when we arrive which can be problematic.   They can hurt us by jumping on us and it is not the ideal behavior.

Below are some tips to help your dogs calm down when we arrive home.

Try to train and remind your dogs that paws stay on the floor

The key to teaching your dog not to jump on you when you arrive home is to get your pup to keep his or her front paws on the floor. When your dog greets you, all your pup wants is to get your attention and to get you to pet her. Knowing this, you can show your dog what to do to earn your attention and touch.

Keep your attention and your hands away from your dog unless his or her front feet are on the floor. When your dog does keep his paws on the floor, immediately pet and stroke your dog. On the flip side, if you enter and your dog jumps up on you, ignore her. Don’t tell your dog to get off you and don’t push him or her away.

If your dog jumps up anyway, just look over your pup’s head

Instead, stand up straight and look over your dog’s head. If you move your arms and hands at all, pull them up toward your chest to disallow access there. If your dog continues jumping all over you, turn away and he or she will have to put his or her front paws on the floor to follow you. If your dog jumps up at your touch, just pull your hand away, stand up straight like before, and ignore her until her feet find the floor once again. The moment the dog’s feet touch the floor, pet her and give your dog praise.

How to reinforce the desired behavior

It’s important to teach your dog what you do want her to do during greetings. For example, you can train her to sit or stand to greet people instead of jumping on them.  When your dog starts to jump, stand still, look straight ahead (not at your dog), and pull your hands and arms up to your chest. Say “Sit.” When your dog sits (watch her in your peripheral vision so that you can see), turn back around to face her, kneel down and calmly stroke your dog. If your dog jumps up again, quickly stand up and turn your back on her as you did before.  Keep repeating this sequence until your dog stops jumping up.

Keep practicing with friends and every time you arrive home

While the above is seemingly simple to read and sometimes harder to implement, all it takes is a little time and practice.  Our dogs are smart enough to know how to implement the correct behavior by your reaction to his or her actions.  The more you practice and keep up the same exercises to instill the desired behavior in your dogs, the more it will become muscle or paw memory to your dog.  And, of course, positive reinforcement and encouragement works wonders too.

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