How To Stop Your Dog From Running Out The Front Door
13 February, 2012

I know that it is very common for dogs to run out the front door when it is opened.  This is a headache for dog owners as well as a potential danger to dogs.  I did some research to try to figure out the best way and/or methods from preventing a dog from running out the front door.

Teaching your dog to remain on one side of the door until you allow him to go through it is important training that could save his or her life. The methods below will take time, patience and consistency. Everyone in your home needs to have your dog wait before going through a doorway or your dog will learn that he or she can sometimes get away with running outside.


Attach a six foot leash to your dog and walk him to the door. It is best to begin at a door that opens to a fenced yard in case your dog escapes your grip.  Next, practice at a closed door with your dog off leash once it consistently waits for your command before going outside.

OK.. I will learn this!


Bring your dog, on his leash, to an open door once he has conquered the previous step. Physically block your dog from going through the door by placing your body between the dog and the threshold. Say ‘Wait,’ and quickly allow the dog out the door. Extend the amount of time between the wait command and access to the outdoors as your dog begins to understand what you want.

Next, try the above without the body block.  With your dog on his leash, tell him to wait as you step over the threshold. If your dog does not wait on the other side, immediately say ‘no’ and walk the dog back inside to try again. If your dog obeys, allow him to go outside, increasing the wait time with each successive attempt.


Walk out the door to your fenced yard and leave it open with your dog off his leash. If your dog follows but waits at the door for your signal, reward it with treats and allow him outside (that is a true accomplishment!). If he goes outside without waiting, correct him and bring him back inside.

Next, repeat the process, but hide around a corner to see if your dog will obey the ‘door rule’ even when he thinks you aren’t there.

While this training is not an easy one to get under control, if you are patient and keep practicing, your dog will be waiting at the door in no time! Build a pet profile today!

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