How You Can Find A Pet Even if You Have Allergies
28 January, 2014

Most of us inherently love pets and want to bring one into our lives.  They add so much joy, love and affection.  There are sometimes potential pet owners who want to adopt a cat or dog, but are afraid to because they are allergic to some pets.  However, there are so many different kinds and breeds of pets that it really quite difficult to be allergic to all of them.  So, what do you do when you know you have allergies to some or most pets, but still want to adopt one?  Below are some ideas and tips to help.

Not All Cats Will Cause Allergies

It’s so easy to say that cats cause a person allergies.  How many times have you heard that?  Of course, there are some people that really are allergic, but there are so many different breeds with different length hair, that a short haired cat will not affect someone as much as a one with a lot of hair such as a Persian cat.  There is of course, a Mynx, which is a hairless breed and shouldn’t affect anyone’s allergies at all!  If you have tried every cat and it just doesn’t work for you, there are many other pets to choose.

Check with Your Doctor

If you are a very allergic person that really wants a pet, your Doctor might have some recommendations.  At the very least, he or she can give you some medication for you to take in case in the meet and greet of your potential adopted pet, you have a reaction.  Better to be safe than sorry!

Start slowly with contact

When you are first meeting your pet, make sure the contact is minimal to avoid any big allergic reaction. As tempting as it is, try not to give that dog or cat a big hug and then rub your eyes! Start by touching the pet with one hand, then wait to gauge your reaction. Some allergic reactions are immediate, while others may take some time.   If everything seems OK, then try to pet the dog or cat and see how you are feeling.  If you have no reaction at all, that is a very good sign.

Try adopting a neutered pet

Pets that have been neutered for a few months are better candidates for those who have allergies.  Therefore, young puppies or kittens are not a great fit.  Males have greater amounts of secretion and are often more allergenic than females or neutered males.

Smaller pets are usually a better fit for those who have allergies

A smaller dog, cat or even hamster is a better fit for those who are allergic.   They have less fur and therefore are less likely to set off an allergic reaction.  The lesser the volume of allergens, the easier is it for your system to support.

Time with the pets will help

Just like allergy shots, some people find that living with a pet can reduce their allergic reaction to that particular pet as you become immune!  A rescue group or shelter will probably let you foster a pet to make sure that the two of you are compatible.  Some allergies can become muted over time as your system accepts this new smell and/or dander.

With a little time and effort, people with allergies can find a pet that makes everyone happy.

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