Human Food That Your Dog Can Eat
12 November, 2013

As dog owners, we are always worried about what to feed our precious pups; there is so much information out there about what our dogs are not supposed to eat.  There are poisonous foods, plants and recalls every day.  It is so hard to keep up with what is actually good or bad for our pups. While it is not ideal to feed your dog leftovers or table scraps, there is some human food that is OK for dogs to eat.  As always, keep these food choices to a minimum.

Below is a list of some of the different types of foods that you can share with your pups.

1. Chicken

Chicken is an excellent treat for most dogs. In fact, many dogs will gobble it down faster than they would any other food choice. And chicken is a great source of protein; just make sure that the spices and oils are to a minimum so safe for your pup.

2. Carrots

Carrots are a great, crunchy low-calorie vegetable that can make a great snack for your dog. Whether raw or cooked, carrots are safe to give to your dog. In fact, many dogs love the crunchy snack just as much as any packaged treat.

3. Rice

Rice is commonly used as a filler ingredient in different types of dog food.  If you give your dog a few bites of it on his plate, it is safe as long as the rice doesn’t have garlic or onion as these ingredients can be harmful for your pup. Organic rice is always the safer choice.

4. Cooked eggs

Whether the eggs are scrambled or simply boiled, eggs are healthy for dogs since they contain a lot of vitamins and protein. Just make sure that the eggs have been fully cooked before serving it to your pups as raw ones can make your dog sick.

5. Green beans

Green beans are filling, healthy and low in calorie content. As long as salt content is controlled, green beans can be a healthy treat for your dog; again, watch the spices.

6. Berries

A lot of dogs love to eat frozen berries as a special sweet treat. Dogs can safely eat a small amount of these fruits and they can benefit from berries’ anti-oxidant properties just like humans.

7. Bananas

Bananas, believe it or not, are also good for our dogs as they supply great nutrients, particularly potassium.  Don’t hesitate to give your dog a piece or two of banana the next time your treats run out.  Bananas can be a quick healthy snack for your pooch.

8. Cheese

A lot of dogs love cheese. It’s rich in protein and most dogs like the texture and taste! But, some dogs experience sensitivity to excessive consumption of dairy like us humans. Just give your pup a small amount of cheese to avoid an upset stomach.

10. Peanut butter

Peanut butter is safe to give to your dogs. But, due to the high fat peanut butter contains, you have to limit the amount.  Try for an organic, natural, sugar free peanut butter.  As in any food, if it’s better for your dog than it’s better for you also to eat.

As with every snack, moderation is the key to your dog enjoying and feeling well when eating a snack.  All of the above are OK to share but each dog is different so test the above in small amounts to see how it suits your dog.

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