Is Holiday Food Safe For Our Dogs?
13 December, 2011


With Thanksgiving behind us and Christmas ahead, there tends to be a lot of food around the house.   With all the food that is left over, there are some things we can share with our dogs and some we should avoid.   Cats can also have some of the below but in much smaller doses.


If you have used spices, onion or garlic with some of your meats and vegetables, then it is best not to give them any scraps. If you haven’t, then it should be ok but, as always, everything in moderation.


Pieces of turkey, prime rib, and ham are fine for your dog as long as they are all well-cooked and free from pepper, onion, dill, and other spices. Take into account if your pet has a sensitive stomach before tossing a few pieces of meat in with his or her usual food. Vegetables like green beans that are steamed without any extra additives are ok for your dog. So are peas and carrots that are cooked. Avoid corn because it is hard for dogs to digest it.

Sweet potatoes and white potatoes are good for your dog to eat but be sure to remove the skin. However, if they are made with salt, butter, cinnamon or cayenne pepper, then they are hard for your dogs to digest.


Cooked pumpkin and squash can be blended into your dog’s normal diet and helps promote a healthy digestive tract.


Turkey bones are bad for your dog. They can splinter and cause problems in the trachea, stomach, and make your dog very sick and uncomfortable. Your dog could even choke on it

Do not give your dog anything that has grapes in it. These are commonly added to dishes and if yours contains any grapes, avoid giving them to your dog.

Do not give your dog any stuffing, breads, or other carbohydrates. Dogs do not breakdown or digest carbohydrates well and their liver is placed into overdrive as it tries to produce enough enzymes to break the carbohydrates down.


Gravy and broths are also good for your dog and can make their dry kibble extra tasty. Again, as long as there aren’t any additives like salt, onion, or other things, these are ok.

Your dog will smell all this yummy food and may want to know what is going on in the kitchen. You could use this time as a way to reinforce commands and reward her with some of the leftovers. Or just let her know that you’re thankful to have her in your life.

Have a safe and happy holiday and watch the onions, bones and spices!

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