Is Your Cat Sleeping the Day Away?
4 February, 2014

As any cat owner knows, our feline friends tend to sleep many hours a day.  When we are home, we play with them, throw treats to our kitties and give them toys to keep them up and alert.  Yet, when we leave the house to go to work for the day and our kitties are left alone, we often wonder if they are sleeping the day away out of boredom and then become too sedentary.

Below are some tips or ideas to keep our kitties active during the day and not sleeping the entire day away.

Adopt a second pet

If you are in a single cat household, think about adopting a second pet.  Not only would it bring another kitty into your home and out of a shelter, but it could keep your cat much more active during the day.  The kitties will hopefully become best friends and play throughout the day while you are away.

Make sure to have toys for your kitties

Leave toys out that your cats gravitate towards and can use to play independently.  There are many interactive toys such as wands, or a mouse-activated play toys that keeps your kitties stimulated.  If your kitties are climbers, make sure to have a kitty condo or tree that they could jump on during the day.

Leave food or treats in fun places

Toss a few treats into a plastic container and leave it on the floor with the lid off for a great beginner puzzle. Any plastic container with a secure lid can become a hanging puzzle. Just cut two or three slots around the bottom outer edge of the container and place a few treats in the center. String a cord through the lid and hang this puzzle over a doorknob. Once your cat gets the hang of it, you can encourage exercise by raising it higher.

Leave items with an enticing scent on them

You can use t-shirts or clothes as washable scent baits. Just mark the items with lotion, vanilla extract or even peanut butter, or place a pinch of any aromatic spice inside, then rub it over a slice of lunchmeat to pick up the scent. Scatter the shirts or socks throughout the house and your cat will be on the prowl for hours enamored by all the scents.

Have a window perch where your kitties can sit and watch

If you are able to add a window perch to your window, it’s a great way for your kitties to be on bird watch.  If you are handy, you can even attach a suction-cup bird feeder outside your cat’s favorite window. However, don’t place the feeders too close to the ground as it leaves birds vulnerable to enemy attacks and be sure to keep the window closed.  This will certainly keep your cats stimulated and active.

Boxes and Paper bags

Use cardboard boxes as beds, dens, tunnels and mazes.  You can leave them out for your cats to jump in, run through or scratch.  Most kitties love boxes and bags and will certainly play with and on them.

There are many ways to build on the above ideas to keep your cats active during the day.  Only you will know what excites and/or entices them to stay awake and alert.  This will not only keep them more stimulated during the day, but will keep them calm when you arrive home and hopefully more in tune with your sleep schedule.

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