How to Keep Your Dog Happy and Healthy While Traveling
20 February, 2018
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Contribution from freelance writer Jocelyn Brown

If you’re planning to travel with your dog sometime this year, you’re not alone. According to a survey, 37 percent of pet owners take their animals on the road. While it’s easier than ever to find pet-friendly hotels, restaurants, and airlines, keeping your pet healthy while on the move may be a challenge as you don’t have regular access to your vet. Moreover, traveling can be overwhelming for your dog as changes in their normal routine or being in a new place can throw them off balance.

The good news is that you can keep your dog healthy while you’re on the road and prevent your pet from getting sick. For your pet’s well-being and safety, try these tips to keep your dog healthy and happy while traveling.

Take your dog to the vet

Take your dog to your vet a few months before your trip. Ask if your dog needs to get shots and if your pet is in good shape to travel. It’s also a good idea to have your dog properly groomed at least a week before you leave so you don’t have to deal with it while you’re on holiday.

Know your airline’s policy on pet travel

It’s important to find out your airline’s policy on pet travel, so you can be adequately prepared to take your dog with you anywhere in the world. Most airlines allow dogs to travel in the cabin if accompanied and there are fees to pay if you’re flying with your pet. However, if your dog is a service animal, your furry friend is exempted from these fees as they are not considered pets and are guiding people with disabilities.

Ensure that your dog gets plenty of exercise

If your dog is used to taking walks in the morning or afternoon, then stick to the schedule and ensure that your pet gets adequate exercise while you’re on vacation. Even if you’re spending your holiday in a snowy destination, it’s important to be prepared to get your dog outdoors in the snow if you must so your pet can stay healthy and active. Let your dog wear booties to protect your pet’s paws while you’re walking in the snow. Consider letting your pet wear a dog sweater or coat to help your furry friend stay warm while both of you are out in the cold.

Keep a collar or harness on your dog at all times

If you’re worried about your pet getting lost while you’re traveling, the simplest way to prevent this from happening is to keep a collar or harness on your dog at all times. You should also keep your dog on a leash whenever you’re outdoors. If your dog is microchipped, make sure that the information in it is up to date. It’s also helpful to take pictures of your dog so people can help to identify your pet if ever you do get separated during your trip.

Bring food and water

It’s a good idea to bring your dog’s favorite food with you on your trip as there’s no guarantee that your pet will like unfamiliar dog food or meals in another city or country. Always keep a bottle of water with you and a collapsible water bowl so that your pet can stay hydrated on your travels.

Your dog’s safety and health should be a priority if you’re planning to travel with your pet this year. Your furry friend can be the best travel companion if you plan well and take the time to look after your pet’s well-being before you leave for your holiday. Follow these tips to keep your pet healthy and happy while you’re on vacation, and don’t forget to have fun!

Jocelyn Brown is a professional freelancer writer and mother. She loves the freedom that comes with freelancing and the versatility it allows her in covering many different topics and themes. When not at work she enjoys running, hikes in the country and making the most of family time.

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