How to Keep Your Dog out of the Cat’s Litter Box!
15 June, 2017
dog and cat litter box

When you have both dogs and cats, there are issues that can arise.  There can be territorial issues or even the furry family members eating each other’s food.  One tricky and common issue is when your dog keeps getting into the cat’s litter box.  It’s not only a pain for you and the cats, but it’s not safe when your dog eats cat poop (or even plays around with it).

Below are some tips that might help resolve the issue.

Keep your litter box clean and be diligent about scooping out the poop!

Make sure to scoop your litter box at least once or even twice a day.  The longer you wait, the more likely your dog will get into it.  And cats don’t tend to poop that frequently so if you can keep up with scooping it out, that will help.  A covered litter box (I’ve always had one) is the best deterrent to keep the dogs out.

If you have younger cats at home (some seniors might not like this) place the litter box off the floor

Move the litter box from the floor to a second level.  Try to put the litter box on a table, counter-top, or in a small cabinet with the door slightly ajar.  These positions are great ways to keep it out of reach for your dog, but in perfect position for your cat.

A baby gate is a great way to keep your dogs out of the litter box.

A baby gate is great containment for many dogs.  If your dog will actually obey the gate and not knock it over or jump over it, you can put the litter box in a separate room.  Set the gate so your cat can safely slide through the bars, hop over, or even elevate it a few inches off the floor, so your cat can go under.  Another option is the door buddy, which is a strap that allows your door to be ajar so your cats can enter a room but your dogs can’t!

Keep your dogs occupied while you are away

Your dog could be eating poop out of boredom and distraction may be one possible solution to your poo problems. Try setting your dog up with a treat dispensing dog toy that can challenge your pooch and keep him occupied.  Leave him with a Kong so he can play and chew on that all day and not your cats’ poop!

Teach you dog the ‘wait’ and ‘leave it command

Teach your adult dog a reliable “Leave It” command.  Practice and develop this command using lower level distractions before implementing it with the litter box.  Or the “wait” command.  Both work to stop your dog from either heading towards the litter box and/or to stop your dog if he is already in it.

Exercise your dog before you leave each day

If you make sure to walk your dog every day, a tired dog is less likely to get into trouble.  And when you get home each night, take your dog out again so he or she can sleep through the night and not touch the litter box.

With practice, patience, and a re-location of the litter box, your dog will be less likely to go and nibble out of the box and you and your cats will be happier for it!

You can find the door buddy here and super easy to install:


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