Kitty Comfort Mat- Comforting for You and Your Cat
17 September, 2012
Sammy was sent a wonderful gift to test out from one of our popular Petpav members, Marie Amsterdam, and her business, Paw Print Island.

As many of my friends know, Sammy is one picky cat!   He doesn’t like anything new.  In fact, when the mat was delivered to us, he liked the bag and box more than the mat.  He just sort of looked at the mat and started playing in the box.  But, I know Sammy and like most cats, he takes time to warm up to things.   

At first, Sammy just looked at the mat and couldn’t figure it out.  Next thing I know, he pulled it to join him on his bed and he now loves it.  He sleeps on it, kneads it and rolls on it.

Sammy pulled the mat to his bed!

The Kitty Comfort Mat is great for any cat’s sleeping area.  Kittens and cats love the feel of a soft fuzzy surface and, when they find one, they will happily knead it with their paws and purr away! The Kitty Comfort Mat will become their favorite spot to lounge upon.

The Kitty Comfort Mat is also perfect to fit into a chair or on the arm of a couch so your cat can lie on the mat and not your furniture.  Your cat will love the feel and you will enjoy how the mat will protect your furniture.  

If you are traveling with your cat, you can put this great mat in the bottom of any carrier and make the ride so much more comfortable for your cat.  Your cat will also be less fearful of the carrier as his or her ‘blanket’ will already be in there with his or her scent on it.  

This great mat is also easy to clean as you can remove the fur with a lint brush or throw it in the washing machine.  The mat is 14″ x 14″ and fully lined on the back for added padding and has a non-slip surface.  

I think every cat home needs a Kitty Comfort Mat – You and your cat will be happier for it.  To find these mats, go to … and take a look at this mat and all her other fun pet products!



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