Kumfy Tailz Pet Harness – A Comfortable, Unique, Temperature Regulated Harness for Your Pup!
22 September, 2014

All dog owners want the best products for their dogs that will keep them happy and comfortable.  As all dog owners know, collars can be uncomfortable for our pups and put extra pressure on our dogs’ necks when pulled by a leash. A harness has become the preferred way to attach our dog’s leashes since they cover your dogs’ chest and put no pressure on our pups. 

Wouldn’t it be great if you found a harness that is comfortable, easily adjustable and also helps regulate your dog’s body temperature?  Well, the Kumfy Tailz Pet Harness is your answer!

Kumfy Tailz offers comfort for your dogs

The Kumfy Tailz cooling/warming harness is a stylish, comfortable product that was designed with your dog’s unique body structure and safety in mind.  With its adjustable neck and double buckle on the belly, it can be sized specifically to your dog’s body.  It is super easy to use and can be easily taken on and off your dog (which helps as our dogs age or if they have joint issues). The Kumfy Tailz harness fits dogs from 4 to 150 pounds and is very comfortable for your pup with its custom sizing.  The standard Kumfy Tailz harness line comes in four colors: pink, red, blue and black and all are washable and durable. Check out the KT Fit line for even more fun color options, neon orange, lime green and camo.



Kumfy Tailz harness has a unique temperature controlled pouch

Not only is the Kumfy Tailz harness stylish and comfortable, it also has a unique pouch that holds a gel pack, which keeps your dogs cool in the summer and warm in the winter.  It is the first pet apparel designed specifically to address your dog’s physiology.  The Kumfy Tailz pouch, which holds the Kumfy Pax, was developed over a period of two years, working with Kumfy Tailz licensed veterinarian advisor, Jennifer Henderson, DVM (Dr. Jen) and a variety of industry professionals.

The temperature controlled Kumfy Pax fits right into the harness pouch and covers the dog’s chest and abdominal area or the “core.” The core is where most of the dog’s major organs are and where they have the least amount of fur. By addressing the core, the heart is better able to pump blood to the extremities (paws and ears) to regulate your dog’s temperature.


Kumfy Gel Pack

Gel pack slides right into the special pouch


Kumfy Tailz temperature controlled Kumfy Pax is easy to use

The Kumfy Pax is a puncture-resistant nylon gel pack that is filled with a homeopathic, non-toxic ultra gel, which can be warmed in your microwave for the winter or cooled in your freezer for the summer.  After a short time in the freezer or less than a minute in the microwave, the Kumfy Pax is inserted into the special Kumfy Pouch (see above) where it helps to keep your dog warm or cool for up to an hour!  It has three layers of protection which will keep your dog safe and comfortable.

Kumfy Tailz also offers an adorable winter coat too!  

The Kumfy Tailz Winter Coat is not only cute and comfortable for your dog, but it also incorporates their patented gel-pack technology into a high-quality Micro-Suede coat with a soft, durable Sherpa lining. It’s perfect for helping to regulate your dog’s body temperature and keeping your dog warm on those cold winter days!  It fully insulates the core area to keep your dog warm in snow and cold conditions.

Kumfy Tailz offers so many great products and the best dog harness on the market!  Not only does the company make great products, but is philanthropically involved as well. The company recently released an Indiegogo crowd funding campaign with the goal of raising money to create a product used to keep search and rescue dogs safe. Everyday, search and rescue dogs save our lives. Kumfy Tailz is now trying to make a difference in the search and rescue dogs lives by creating a product involving a cooling device, LED lights, and a GPS tracking system. Check it out http://igg.me/at/ktheroes.

And don’t forget to get your dog a Kumfy Tailz harness and coat for the cold months that are coming soon… you and your pup will be happy you did! http://www.kumfytailz.com


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