Licks For Dogs- Dogs Like the Taste and it’s Great for Stress & Joints
14 May, 2013

Most dogs, especially those that have been adopted, can be stressed out at times. There are certain trigger points that affect dogs, whether it is something in their home, outside stress or noises that cause them fear. Apparently there are about 22 million dogs that suffer from anxiety or fear, and isn’t it great to find a product that is healthy for you dog AND helps their anxious nature.

I learned of this product called LICKS for Dogs that is a mild, holistic remedy to calm over-anxious dogs. It comes in easy to use packages and can simply be added to your dog’s food and/or water.

Dogs can get stressed too

For most dogs, anything outside their day-to-day routine can be unsettling. Pets may experience elevated levels of stress during thunderstorms, fireworks and group gatherings, times of separation or when visiting the vet. And our canine companions can experience anxiety in less obvious times too when meeting new people or simply traveling.

Easy to use holistic remedy

In times of need, ZEN by LICKS for Dogs is a gentle, holistic remedy for dogs experiencing this anxiety or just feeling out of sorts. Conveniently packaged in single serving portion-controlled packets, ZEN™ liquid vitamins™ are brimming with antioxidants and premium ingredients like chamomile root, tryptophan, theanine and ashwagandha root. Simply add LICKS to your dog’s water bowl, feed straight from the packet, or serve as an delicious, nutritional gravy to top off his food. And because LICKS for Dogs health supplements are in liquid form, they’re more readily absorbed than tablets or chews and take effect just 30 to 60 minutes after serving.

Comes in easy to use packages

Made with an exceptional blend of all natural ingredients, LICKS® is a transformational canine health supplement and treat. Not only does it taste unbelievably delicious to dogs, but it also allows owners to provide their companions with a healthy, easy to administer supplement and treat.  The effortless, convenient packaging gives pet owners several options to administer to their canine best friend.  The packet can be added to their pooch’s food or water bowl or directly from the packet either at home or on the go.

Licks for Dogs also comes in joint and heart formula and athlete

The joint and heart  formula is packed with Omega 3 fatty acids, vegetarian Glucosamine, and Vitamin E.   It integrates seamlessly with your pooches food or water to help ensure he or she receives the daily supplements needed to maintain heart and joint health.

If your dog is athletic or just getting older, a hike or run can be tough on our pups. The licks Athlete formula helps dogs during and after their more athletic outings.  It also can help the serious canine athletes participating in agility, lure coursing, hunting, search and rescue, and/or field trials.  It contains a complex carbohydrate energy source and L-carnitine blend combine to maximize muscular function and recovery; antioxidants help limit free radical damage, and omega 3 fatty acids support joint and cartilage health.

We like to take care of our own stress and body, isn’t it time we look out for our dogs?  You can find Licks at: LickDrinksforDogs or on Facebook: Licks for Dogs.

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