Locomotion Molasses Cookies – Great For Your Dog’s Joints
23 August, 2012

My dog, Tuffy, was left at the barn where we board our horse. She is probably about ten years old… a blue heeler. Nice, sweet dog.   However, she was pretty stiff and had difficulty walking up stairs. I never saw her running around and I was concerned.

A friend of mine took her home and started giving her the Locomotion Supplement Cookies. After only one jar, she told me that now Tuffy chases cats and rabbits, jumps three feet off the ground straight up, plays and romps all around. DEFINITELY an improvement!

Thanks for a great product,

Jackie Wild, Customer and dog lover


Locomotion Supplement Cookies have multiple benefits. The glucosamine & chondroitin rebuild cartilage and replenish the joints synovial fluid to stabilize the joints.  It also has an anti-inflammatory for pain. The extra active ingredients help with muscles, coat, circulation and the immune system, so you get a little more bang for your buck.

Get your dog moving again” with Locomotion Supplement Cookies in a delicious molasses flavor.  You and your dogs will love them!

You can find these great supplements at: www.locomotionpettreats.com


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