Los Angeles County Allows Dogs on Restaurant Patios
5 March, 2012

For dog owners who live in Los Angeles and cannot bear the thought of leaving their dogs home, a new ordinance passed last week that will make you happy.  You can now bring your dog to eat with you as long as the restaurant has a patio.

Below are some of the requirements and recommendations before bringing your pooch to dine with you.  Obviously, if your dog is not well behaved and/or great with other dogs or even children, it might be best to dine alone.  While this is a great ordinance, we don’t want it to go away due to unruly dogs that might be more of a distraction.  But, obviously, your dog isn’t like that!

Check with the restaurant

Dogs are now allowed to sit at the outdoor patios of restaurants (as long as the restaurant allows it) as well as being allowed to hang out with their owners at the sidewalk tables. The old rules banned dogs from outdoor patios enclosed by a fence or rail.

This ordinance can also help business for restaurants that previously had limited sidewalk cafe seating. The new county rules allow the restaurants to decide if they want to allow dogs into their patio area or not. County officials said that customers should ask the place before settling down for a meal with your dog.

Walk your dogs before you bring them to lunch!

Dogs that are with you for an afternoon or evening meal should be walked so they have to go potty and end up using the patio. Also, dogs should be calm and well-trained to be ok around a group of people and around other dogs. Remember to have your dog’s IDs on the collar and also keep your dog vaccinated. If your dog is not good in public places or does not get along with other dogs, it would be best to leave her home to avoid any problems.

Restaurants must have an outdoor entrance

Restaurants must have an outdoor entrance to their patio area. Dogs cannot walk through the restaurants and should not be allowed to sit on chairs or on the tables. The new rule goes into effect immediately throughout Los Angeles County except in Long Beach, Pasadena, and Vernon.

Have fun with your dog while you dine.  You can get the benefit of having a meal and spending time with your beloved pet.  

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