Maqnifiscent Grooming & Finishing Splash – Smells Great !
21 August, 2012

I started a new pet grooming business in the Groton Connecticut area and needed to add some pet sprays to my supplies.   I looked around for some dog grooming sprays on-line and came across Maqnifiscent Grooming Sprays.

I emailed Maqnifiscent Grooming and asked them if I could first have a sample of the spray and they gladly sent me a few bottles.   Mind you, not every business will do that!   I then used the sprays in my grooming shop and everyone in the shop loved the sprays!

gizzmo and bear

We love Maqnifiscent Grooming Sprays!

Maqnifiscent Grooming & Finishing Splash make your pets smell so good and stay on your pet(s) for a long time.  Not only do your pets smell great, but the sprays also condition your pet’s skin and fur so the dogs that I am grooming are sent home looking shiny and smelling great.  Good for me and for the dogs!

My clients love the way the sprays smell so great and keep their pets fur smooth and conditioned. I also use the sprays on my own dogs and they look great and feel so soft. Thank you so much Melissa from Magnificent Grooming Sprays.  My pets and I are so glad we found you!

Roxie Ramos, Pawtastic Touch

You can find these wonderful grooming sprays at

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