Marijuana Chews for Dogs Are Coming !
1 December, 2017
Marijuana chews for dogs

We are always looking for ways to improve our dog’s health issues and the more natural the better.  And True Leaf, a company in Canada’s marijuana industry is betting on just that.  True Leaf Medicine International Ltd. is developing dog chews containing cannabis extracts to their pet product line.

Turns out, marijuana is coming to the dogs – move aside humans!

True Leaf already makes hemp-seed infused products for dogs to ease joint pain, anxiety and inflammation. It intends to raise C$10 million ($7.8 million) through an equity crowdfunding in the U.S. to build a marijuana production facility in British Columbia, eventually allowing it to extract cannabidiol — a cannabis compound without psychoactive properties — to treat medical conditions in both humans and animals.

We spend more money on pets as they age and are always looking for natural products

“People are spending more money to look after their pets, specifically as they get older,” Chief Executive Officer Darcy Bomford, said in an interview.  “A lot of the drugs that are available in the veterinary market are effective and they work but they also have a lot of side effects. There’s a big market there for natural products.”

Trues Leaf started to introduce hemp-based pet products in 2015

True Leaf introduced its hemp-based pet products in 2015 and now sells chews and oils in 1,600 North American stores and more than 300 locations across Europe. Natural supplements for pets are becoming more popular and the global market may be as large as $1.6 billion, Bomford estimates.

The goal is that CBD can really help older dogs with joint ailments

The hope is that cannabidiol, also known as CBD, may eventually be used to help older dogs, whether they’re having trouble jumping in the car or are struggling with long walks, Bomford said.  They really want to focus on making the quality of a dog’s life as healthy and as possible.  “We’re really focused on making their quality of life as good as possible,” Bomford said. “We’re trying to return the love we get from our pets.”

If marijuana works for humans, why not dogs! Time and testing will see how dogs react and if chewing marijuana actually helps older dogs with their ailments or if it just puts them to sleep!

You can read the full story on the Bloomberg

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