Music Just For You – A Song and A Memory
31 July, 2012

When we lost Sam, our beloved cat, I felt like there were things I still wanted to say to him.   It happened so suddenly and I wanted a memoir or something that I could remember him by.  I hired Rebecca Boucher who was recommended by a friend of mine to produce a memory for my Sam.

My beloved Sam!

After sending Rebecca some photos and telling her about Sam, she wrote a song and put it to a video of a bunch of photos I sent her. I felt as if she captured Sam’s personality and what I needed to say to Sam in the song. 

Whenever I miss Sam, I play the song and look at the video and I am happy again! I highly recommend Rebecca’s services for any pet lover.  What better way to cherish our beloved.  In fact, it would be a great gift for any friend who loves their pet(s). This is how it works!  Simply email and/or call Rebecca and send her photos of your pet or your friend’s pets.   She will then compose an original song for your pet.  And it isn’t merely a song.  Each package contains an original song on a CD, a memory stick, a video, a song sheet and a special message in a box. 

It is truly like an original piece of art! So, what are you waiting for?  Order your song today and the recipient will have a huge smile on his or her face when he or she receives your package! And, when my next pet is a little older, I will definitely use her services again!

Anderson Campbell, Pet lover!

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