New Study Shows Cats DO Love Human Company!
30 March, 2017

Any cat lover know that our cats can be affectionate, purring, loving creatures.  Most cats love to snuggle, rub their faces against us and blink their eyes slowly to profess their love.  Buts, somehow cats seem to get a bad rap as being unfriendly and not as social as dogs.  Well, science is for once on our cat’s side!

A new study shows that cats choose human company over food!

A new study reveals cats don’t just enjoy human company, they choose it over food. Oregon State University researchers took 50 cats from shelters and homes.  They left the cats without any food, human contact, scent, and toys for a few hours. They then introduced the cats to the same stimuli within these four categories to see what they chose. The results showed more than fifty percent of cats tested preferred interaction with the humans over the other options!

Some cats might have been hungry, but they did choose human socialization

Researchers brought back “human socialization, food, scent, and toys” to the kitties to see what their reactions would be to the various stimuli. About half the cats preferred human interaction to food. Can you believe it? They chose us human. The caveat is 37% percent did choose food over hanging out with humans, which is not especially surprising. Scientists said they didn’t notice a difference between shelter cats and kitties with fur-ever homes.

The science is now showing that maybe we know how to motivate cats with just interaction

“Increasingly cat cognition research is providing evidence of their complex socio-cognitive and problem solving abilities,” said the authors.  And we know cats are smart! “Nonetheless, it is still common belief that cats are not especially sociable or trainable,” the authors added. “This disconnect may be due, in part, to a lack of knowledge of what stimuli cats prefer, and thus may be most motivated to work for,” the paper said.  What does this mean? That we need the right tools to get our cats to socialize.

Cats like humans too, even though dogs are known to be the friendlier ones

Most dogs are ridiculously lovable and respond to literally anything: noises, sticks, strangers robbing their homes! You name it, and your dog is reacting in some ways. Cats tend to be pickier.  But, maybe that’s not a bad thing.  Cats may be more selective, but then when they show their love, it is that much more profound!

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